A Nani Iro Valentine

I love Nani Iro. Slightly batty over it actually. So when I saw this dress on the brilliant blog You & Mie I just had to make it! Here’s what I made following the wonderful tutorial provided by Cherie.


I have never seen such a perfect marriage of fabric, pattern, and holiday! Heart cut out bubble dress! Yes Yes YES! Cherie is brilliant to have modified the basic sweetheart dress pattern into a bubble skirt. Plus the Nani Iro just makes the dress.


Trying not to be a complete hack (and because purple really compliments my daughter’s complexion) I used a slightly different Nani Iro fabric called basic Pocho in color Bellflower. For the lining I used some pine green cotton from my stash.


More heart cutout! Love it so much. This picture is after it’s been seriously worn… My daughter refused to take it off for about a week! Even now it’s a regular in the rotation. You can see the skirt is much less fluffy. For that reason the only modification I’d make to the tutorial is to add a few layers of tulle into the skirt gathered between the layers. It would prevent the bubble skirt from falling flat as ours has. I’m almost considering going in and ripping apart the skirt to add in some tulle.. almost. 😉


Hand-stitched label  🙂



I couldn’t leave my son out of the Nani Iro perfection! He got a bow tie which I must say looks quite dapper on him.




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