Kid’s Clothes Week day 1

I’m so excited about Kid’s Clothes Week! It’s gives me an excuse to plan out some great projects and then sew like a mad woman which are two of my most favorite things to do 🙂

Day 1 for me was actually wrapping up a project that was supposed to be finished before KCW even started… but the children had different plans. So I rolled with it and had day 1 be about finishing a fairy dress up cloak for my daughter’s birthday this month.


I used the Oliver + S Red Riding Hood pattern from the book of “Little Things to Sew”. I decided to sew it in a size Large which is supposed to fit ages 5-10 and my daughter is turning 4 so I know it will be pretty huge on her, but I’m ok with that!


The fabrics I used are a sage green stretch velvet and a shimmery berry colored lining fabric, both from Joann’s. I had some trouble sewing a stretch outer fabric to a non-stretch lining since the velvet wanted to.. well.. stretch! It made matching seams and edges kind of tricky. I just pinned everything with a million pins and it turned out well.  For the neck closure I picked out a matching ribbon and modified the closure by having it tie rather then doing a loop and button. It feels so whimsical to have a big bow to tie! The metallic silver lace on the hood was from my stash. I think I’ve had it for about 8 years, no joke. It was high time to use it up! Plus it was the EXACT perfect length. Serendipitous? Yes, I think so too 🙂


It turned out so much better then I thought! Not that I thought it wouldn’t be great but when I finished it I just thought “WOW!”. I can’t wait to give it to my girl for her birthday and get some action shots of her wearing it! None for now though; it’s to be a surprise 😉


5 thoughts on “Kid’s Clothes Week day 1

  1. So pretty! Not that this necessarily matter for kids dress up clothes but have you noticed any problems with the way that it hangs based on the different amounts of stretch in each of the materials? I can’t tell if it is bag lined in the photos.

    • Thanks Janelle! Yes it is bag lined. I haven’t tried it on my daughter yet but it does look like the bottom edge had a little bit of a bubble skirt effect going on. It may not hang that way once on but that was just my first impression. I guess I could try it on myself 😉

  2. […] cloak sewn from the Oliver + S Book of Little Things to Sew. I have a separate post about it here if you’d like more details on it. As you can see from the picture, this girl loves her […]

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