Kid’s Clothes Week days 5 & 6

I have a confession… I got a little side-tracked from my KCW sewing list. How could I not after Oliver + S released their new digital pattern, the School bus t-shirt? Plus with all the sunny/warmer weather we’ve been having I had a serious t-shirt making itch to scratch. And so I spent yesterday and today making tees.




I made three t-shirts, two for my girl and one for my boy. The first for my girl I sewed in size 4 view B with a slight modification to the length in the back; I added about 2 inches and rounded it out to the side seams to create some extra length. For the fabrics I used Heather Ross’ strawberry knit print from the Briar Rose collection, and a surprise back in a sparkle striped gray/black jersey from my stash. I love these two fabrics together! They are sweet and funky, just like my little girl.



The second tee is also size 4 view B but with it widened a little for a baggier fit. For the fabrics I used an Alice in wonderland knit from my stash and the back has a peek-a-boo lace cutout of stretch lace from Joann’s.



The third tee for my boy I sewed in size 18-24 months in view A. The fabric is an awesome mushroom cotton knit from my stash (so thrilled to have used up tons of stash fabric with these tees!).



I love how fast these were to sew up! I’m only a novice-intermediate knit sewer but still managed to crank these out with only a few snafu’s. Don’t be afraid of knits! Oliver + S gives you so many helpful hits and tips along the way.


Action shot! She loves her Alice tee!




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