A union dot family affair


I had said I would and here they finally are; union dot for everyone! I cannot state how much in love with this fabric I am! LOVE! This is Union dot chambray by Robert Kaufman. It’s lightweight, soft, and perfect for summery clothes.


In a previous post I shared this skirt I had made for my daughter. Once it was complete I knew there had to be more! So I went ahead and made one for myself and for my daughter’s doll Pearl as well.


Doesn’t Pearl look trés chic? Yes, it kind of clashes with her top. Poor Pearl doesn’t get much clothes-wise from me. Maybe another shirt will be in order..someday.


For my skirt I followed the Lazy Days skirt pattern from Oliver + S but with the modification of including a lining. No see-through skirts for me!


For my boy I made a bow-tie using the Prudent Baby bow-tie tutorial. This one is her “double fold bow-tie” which I really love. I’ve made both her simple and double bow-ties and if you’ve got the fabric to spare I’d say do the double! They keep their shape better when worn and have a fuller look.


I love bow-ties!


Mmm cake. I know how you feel, my boy.


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