Reversible nature walk pullover


Something very cool about flat felled seams is how it can make a garment reversible. I had been brainstorming how to implement this feature for a while, and finally landed on the idea of a reversible color-block pullover. To say I love how it turned out would be an understatement!


The pattern I used is Oliver + S nature walk pullover size 2 sewn in Robert Kaufman chambray double cloth in color indigo. This fabric played a huge part in the inspiration of this pullover! It is basically two-sided chambray double gauze, so it is two thin gauzy fabrics that have been stitched together. It is soft and fluffy, and after washing and drying it became a fluffed up crinkly cloud as double gauze tends to do. I ironed it out to sew it, but I plan on letting it fluff and crinkle after the next wash.


I made a few modifications to the pattern. First I added a pocket panel to the reverse side so that there would be a kangaroo pocket on both sides of the pullover. Next I finished the hem and sleeves folding into the layers of fabric rather then to one side to keep it looking truly finished and reversible on both sides. For the sleeves I had to pull apart the double gauze to fold the seam to the inside, but on the hem I simply tucked the seam up between the bottom edges of the two pocket panels. Lastly I added a button on both sides of the neck plus a chain loop to close it with. I’ve seen another gorgeous nature walk pullover in the flickr pool with a button closure like this one and I love the look so I followed suit.


Here’s some shots of my boy wearing side “A”. Plus his rock. ❤




This was a fun project to do, although a bit of a brain bender! Anyone else try their hand at making a pattern reversible?




9 thoughts on “Reversible nature walk pullover

  1. This is so lovely and perfect! You know, I have never used flat felled seams to make something reversible, and my first thought when I saw this was that you had completely lined it. But this is so clever and even better!!! Love it.

    Is that his special rock? He is so cute.

    • Thanks! Inspiration really struck when I got my hands on that fabric… it was begging to be a reversible something since it was, well, reversible! I’m still really a flat felled seam newbie. This is project number 2 with flat felled seams and here I am wondering where they’ve been all my life! And that rock is his special distract-the-baby-so-he’ll-sit-still-while-I-take-pictures-of-him rock 😉

  2. An absolute work of art and proof that little man sewing can (and should) be just a beautiful as girl sewing.

    As someone once said to me, I think I have an innocent lady crush on your sewing!

    • Lol! Lady crush. I like it 🙂 You have some very crushable sewing yourself! And I totally agree, boy sewing can be beautiful too! It’s way more subtle a beauty than girl sewing and believe it or not I didn’t want to sew much for my boy at first because I didn’t get how to do it!

  3. that’s so clever! i have to try it out myself. flat felled seams, thats genius. and the fabric is really gorgeous! i love double gauze. it’s so cloud like. i sewed a dress for my girl in a nice double gauze lately. and i can tell you it even get’s nicer when washed. well done!

  4. How did you make the sleeves to be reversible? I understand reversible flat felled seams and I understand how to separate the 2 layers and tuck the raw edges in to make a reversible hem, but how do you combine the 2?

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