Calico jump rope dress


It’s summer! Nothing said summer to me as a child like spending the days outdoors playing and getting sweaty, caked in dirt and tree sap, and usually coming home with my pockets stuffed with treasures from the forest. Now that I’m grown I try to refrain from gallivanting through the woods all day long, but it’s fair game for my kids! And that means lightweight practical clothing that won’t get in the way of the fun.


The Jump Rope dress from Oliver + S is a perfect example of summer play clothes. It’s functional and comfortable while still being a dress, for which my daughter is eternally grateful 😉 I sewed view A in size 3 width 4 length from Heather Ross’ Briar Rose collection in the lilac calico print.


I decided to sew the collar and front placket in white to offset the busy-ness of the calico, and I love the simple beauty a white collar adds to the dress. The buttons I finally picked are a lovely shimmery peachy pink, and let me tell you it took me forever to figure out those buttons! I bought four separate sets before I finally was happy with how these looked on the dress.


There are so many lovely features included by Oliver + S in this pattern, like the wonderful little pockets on the skirt with a surprise top opening.


And I just love the belt-loops and sash.


Plus it looks great on! There will be lots of playground visits in this little number for sure.



There is always some dancing involved in photo shoots with Lily 🙂


What a great way to kick off the summer!

What about you, what do you have on your summer sewing list?




4 thoughts on “Calico jump rope dress

  1. Ooh, it’s so pretty! I *LOVE* white collars on printed dresses. You really can never go wrong with some white contrast in my opinion. And the HR fabric is adorbs.

  2. That is cute! I love this pattern so much. I made the other view for my daughter and I wanted to make this view but I don’t think she’ll actually wear it. I haven’t decided if it’s worth my time (and money to but the bigger size pattern) to make it. But this dress has me wanting to make it!

    • Thanks! It really can be a tough call when you’re not sure if it’ll be worn or not. I’m thankful that my girl will wear pretty much anything I sew her so long as it’s a dress or skirt. Makes my life so much easier! 😉 I’ve never sewn view B but am planning to for the fall!

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