I see London, I see France


Sometimes it’s the practical things that demand to be sewn, and I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of sewing practical things. So when my daughter had need of new underwear I went and bought her a set rather then having to sew them. And what do you know, the fit was awful! Those undies would stretch out and be around her ankles in 15 minutes. I resolved it was time for some practical sewing.


The pattern I used is called Classic Panties and Camisole by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. I sewed them in size 3/4 in Heather Ross’ Briar Rose knits and one pair in Baby Nay butterfly knit. I actually sewed seven total pairs of underwear but the two I left out of the pictures are a repeat of the calico prints. Yes baby girl, seven pairs of underwear for you. Seven pairs of insanely cute non-ankle undies. ❤


I made some alterations to the pattern. First, the pattern has you cut the whole thing as one piece rather then a separate back and front. I wanted my strawberry print direction to be upright on both the front and back so I cut the undies in two pieces, seaming them were the pattern is cut when you print it out before taping the pattern together (on the bum).


Since I had a seam I decided to do the lining differently as well. Instead of folding under and stitching the lining in place at both the front and back (which would create visible stitching lines), I serged finish the front edge and left it free-floating.


The back edge got trimmed by about an inch to meet the bum seam and then I serged it right side of the lining to wrong side of the panty back while sewing the panty front and back together. When I flipped the lining over it sandwiched the seam inside, creating a nice finish and making it comfortable to wear!


Here’s a better picture of the lining modifications I made. I think next time I make these I’ll use elastic lace around the legs and waist instead of ribbing. I don’t mind ribbing for toddler underwear but by the time she needs a new set she won’t be a toddler anymore!

These undies are so so cute on. But I’m afraid you’ll just have to take my word for it! No underwear modeling shots for my daughter 😉

What kinds of practical things are you sewing for your kids? Do you actually like sewing them or do you do it because of fit issues?




6 thoughts on “I see London, I see France

  1. I love sewing undies! They’re like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one. Great way to use small pieces of knit too! These are adorable!

    • They were new for me too Nicole! However I have sewn many cloth diapers so I guess it wasn’t so great a leap. You should try them! You’d only need to make, what, 500 pairs for all of your kids? 😉

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