Summer KCW – day 1


This season for Kids Clothes Week the theme is Kid Art. I wasn’t completely sure how I would incorporate the theme or if I would just ignore it since it’s optional, until I dug up some awesome stash fabric that’s been living in “the pit” for quite a while. Enter the beautiful stripe print dubbed “northern lights brother”.


I love this print! It’s like perfection in fabric form; the stripes, the celestial bodies, the colors *swoon*. I just had to make a complete outfit based around this print, and so there will be two more coordinating pieces to follow later in the week to complete the ensemble for my son. My daughter will be getting similar treatment, a complete look based off of some amazing fabric. I hope I have time to get to her before the week is over!


Back to the shirt! The pattern I used was Oliver + S School Bus t-shirt in size 2 sewn in this most gorgeous print which I had bought eons ago. For the neck I used a solid gray cotton ribbing from Joanns which I also topstitched to help the neck lie nice and flat.


I can’t get over the colors in this fabric. So great.


And it looks completely amazing on.




I can only imagine what kind of mean garden this kid will plant. Especially wearing this shirt 😉


Blurry action shot.

Day 1 of KCW a success! What are you sewing for KCW?



13 thoughts on “Summer KCW – day 1

  1. When I saw the photos in Flickr, my first thought was: WHAT IS THAT FABRIC?!! THAT IS AMAZING! No lie. You are a lucky woman. Joe would be so beside himself excited about this shirt. It looks great with your awesome shorts, too!

    • Thanks so much Inder! My daughter and husband both love this shirt too (and my daughter has requested something from “that rainbow fabric”). Of course my son couldn’t care less 😉

  2. I would totally buy that shirt from you the minute your cute kid outgrew it. It’s adorable (so is your kiddo btw). can you remember who made the fabric, so I can attempt to find it ?

    • Thanks Laura! The fabric doesn’t have any real name or make… it’s been called Northern Lights Brother by the cloth diapering community but that’s about it. It’s basically a generic fashion knit that was never intended to be marketed to individuals hence the lack of name/designer. I bought it a while back from purple seamstress fabric on Facebook. I hope you can find some!

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