Summer KCW – day 7


KCW always ends up being one crazy productive week over here and this time was no exception! Both kids got a complete outfit out of me, and whew I’m beat! To finish up my daughter’s ensemble I whipped up these lovely puppet show shorts by Oliver + s.


These are sewn in size 4 width 5 length with no other modifications to the pattern. They sewed up quite fast and were a great last project to finish KCW up with. I wanted these to be as versatile as possible so I made them out of a simple yet lovely Kaufman union chambray in indigo.


Oliver + s patterns usually include such lovely little hints, like adding some ribbon or fabric tape to mark the back of the garment, as pictured above. My daughter likes to dress herself now and this makes it much easier for her to not get her clothes on backwards!


Belly button! Oh and cute shorts too 😉


The finished outfit!



These will be a wardrobe staple for sure!

KCW success! I think I’ll celebrate by lying down now 😉

How was your KCW sewing week? Did you get everything done you wanted to or did the kids have other plans for your time?



9 thoughts on “Summer KCW – day 7

  1. So smart to add that extra length! I made these for my girl last summer and they ended up being so very short on her by the end of the summer. And I love the basic color you chose.

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