Liberty & chambray swingset tunic


I’ll have to admit, I’m a sucker for all things Liberty of London. Liberty prints are in a class all their own, being both exceptionally beautiful and high quality; you can’t go wrong with some Liberty in your life. 😉 While I was sewing my daughter’s ruffled shorts I used a bit of this print which I had been hoarding for ages as the lining. And then it struck me; I needed to make a Liberty tunic to match! 


For the sewing pattern I used the Swingset tunic by Oliver + s sewn in size 4 width 5 length. The fabric is of course the lovely Liberty of London tana lawn from my stash with the straps, covered buttons, and lining in Kaufman union chambray.


Button detail shot. I covered the buttons myself using a button cover kit from Joann’s. Very quick, easy, and provides a wonderful look when you want matching fabric buttons.


Contrast chambray straps ❤


A look at the innards. I finished the inside bodice lining seam with 1/4″ charcoal bias tape. This method of seam finishing does take a bit more time than simply serging the seams but the finished look is completely lovely. Since I’m leaning more towards heirloom sewing these days the extra time is worth it in my book!


The tunic and shorts together. So frilly and flowery, my girl and I just love this outfit!

20140812-IMG_0806 Oh, hello chambray buttons. Fancy meeting you here 🙂

20140812-IMG_0807 And now for some gardening action shots 😉 



Do you have a Liberty crush like I do? What’s your favorite Liberty project?


3 thoughts on “Liberty & chambray swingset tunic

  1. Oh wow. This is just absolutely lovely. The finishing, too! I am drawn towards heirloom sewing, but when push comes to shove, usually do things the faster way so I am so very impressed.

    The chambray covered buttons are a stroke of genius!

    • Thanks Inder! I hear ya on just taking the faster route, and to be honest I usually do the faster method too unless I have planned before hand to finish it a different way. Just got to do what you got to do in the time you’ve got 😉

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