Sketchbook & jumprope polo mash-up ~ a tutorial


Have you had one of those “A-ha!” moments in your sewing? This shirt was one of those moments for me. I had been wanting to sew a pull-over polo style top for my son and I had several patterns that were very close but not exactly what I wanted. And so after digging through my pattern stash I realized all the steps needed to create this top were already done for me, and all I had to do was “mash” them up!


The patterns I used are both Oliver + s; the sketchbook shirt and the jump rope dress, both in size 2 sewn from Robert Kaufman nautical boats chambray in color indigo. This mash up is super simple, requiring very little in the way of changes to the actual sewing instructions. If you’ve got these two patterns, you can make this top! 


This shirt is pretty much the sketchbook shirt but with the jump rope placket. Here’s what you do:

From the sketchbook shirt pattern cut out the following numbered pieces as specified by the pattern unless I state otherwise # 1 – shirt front* (cut one with center front on the fold), 2 – shirt back, 4 – shirt yoke, 5 – shirt collar, 10 – shirt pocket* (I cut out two and rounded the bottom corners), 11 – short sleeve.

From the jump rope dress pattern cut out pieces # 3 – right placket, and 4 – left placket.

Now you simply follow the directions as outlined in the patterns but in a different order. Here’s the order for you!

Start with the jump rope dress instructions and follow these sections in this order;

  • “Prepare the placket”. You will be using the sketchbook front pattern piece which you cut on the fold in lieu of the dress front pattern piece. 
  • “Right placket”. You may want to swap the sides on which you sew the left and right plackets for a boy’s shirt. I forgot to do this and so my buttons/button holes are on the “girl” side of the shirt.
  • “Left placket”.
  • “Finish the placket”.


Now switch to the sketchbook shirt instructions and follow these sections in this order;

  • “Make and attach the pocket”. Since I had rounded bottom edges I basted 1/2″ from the edge and used the stitching as the folding line which I then ironed in place. If you want buttons on the pockets; mark the center top of the pocket and stitch a buttonhole 1/4″ from the top edge before stitching the pocket onto the shirt. 
  • “Assemble the shirt back”.
  • “Assemble the shirt and finish the yoke”. You will only have one shirt front piece since you cut it on the fold. This doesn’t effect the sewing instructions.
  • “Prepare the collar”.
  • “Attach the collar”.
  • “Attach the sleeves”.
  • “Finish the short sleeves”.
  • “Hem the shirt.”

To finish the shirt go back to the jump rope dress and use the markings for the buttons/buttonholes to sew them onto the plackets. If you included buttons on the pockets mark and sew them now onto the shirt centering them beneath the pocket’s sewn buttonholes.


And voila! Adorable pull-over polo shirt!


And now for a few action shots!



What a great shirt to wrap up my boy’s summer sewing with! 

Did you find the tutorial helpful? If anyone needs clarification please do let me know! I’d love to see any mash-ups you create with it 😉


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook & jumprope polo mash-up ~ a tutorial

  1. How clever of you! It looks great. I don’t have either of those patterns, nor do I have a cute little boy to make one for, but if I did I would definitely be giving this a try 🙂

  2. Totally adorable!

    I would have made Hugo a dozen of these and I am going to compliment (copy) the heck out of this for Trixies Ram Sale shirt!
    Love it, as always.

  3. This is great. there’s nothing I like more than mashing a couple of patterns to get what I’d imagined. You’ve done a great job here. I’ve used the Jump Rope collar and placket to make a girl’s polo and was thinking of doing a boy’s version this summer. You’ve described it very nicely. Well done.
    And that kid of yours…. Cute! beautiful images as well

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