Ikat 2+2 blouse


We’ve had a cold snap here in Montana, with temps down in the 50s and 60s, and let me tell you, my kids had just about nothing to wear! Ack! The temp will be back in the 80s by the end of the week, but it’s made me realize I need to switch to fall sewing ASAP, but of course I had to squeeze in one last little summer number 😉 And so without further ado, enter the end of summer ikat 2+2 blouse.


The pattern I used was Oliver + s 2+2 blouse in size 4 sewn in a cotton ikat from Joann’s. Joann’s has been carrying more and more great fabrics over the years, and this one is no exception! It’s seriously lovely for some summer clothing.


I changed the pattern slightly by omitting the patch on the front. Instead I stitched the seam right sides together and then carefully top-stitched it to reinforce it plus to keep the seam from flipping up and being visible while worn. Also, I like the neck-tie tied in a bow rather then left loose. It lend the blouse a simple and classic look!


Detail shot of the back buttons.


Love this shirt on!


And now for some modeling shots!





Goodbye summer! We will miss you!

Am I the only slacker who hasn’t started fall sewing yet?


4 thoughts on “Ikat 2+2 blouse

  1. What a great look.
    I do like how you did the front, this pattern is up there as a favourite of mine and love the way you have ‘cleaned’ up the look with black bottoms.
    Good job!

  2. Ooh, I really love the way you finished the front! I love this pattern, I want to do a long-sleeved version for Maggie this fall. As far as slacking, no, you’re not the only one, but I do have the excuse of living in Northern California, where we have a whole month of summer left, maybe 6 weeks! 😉 September is usually the finest month of the year here.

    • September is really wonderful here in Montana too! It finally cools down a bit and is just perfect temp wise. The long sleeved 2+2 will be perfect for fall! Looking forward to seeing it 😉

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