Sweet dreams bedding


I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had made a mattress protector from a thrifted wool army blanket (courtesy of my mother-in-law) for my daughter’s new mattress. Here’s a few photo’s of it!


It was pretty beat up and full of holes, so I patched them up with some wool felt hearts that I cut from my stash. Pretty adorable right?


The edges are a little raggedy and I may decide to serge the edges next time I take it off her bed to wash and lanolize it.


Twin sheets were also needed, so I made her a fitted sheet and pillowcase from the new Heather Ross far far away line that just was released. I am a huge Heather Ross fan, and I’m so glad she re-did these prints from her first two far far away collections in quilting weight cottons.


For the fitted sheet I followed this tutorial, but with a few modifications of my own such as stitching elastic around the entire edge of the sheet rather than just the corners.


Sheets on the bed! Now I just need to finish her matching quilt that I started oh, two years ago! Nope, no slackers here 😉

Have you thrifted for any projects? What kinds of things do you like to repurpose?


5 thoughts on “Sweet dreams bedding

  1. I love how you re-purposed that army blanket!

    The sheets are so lovely!

    I really wish I could buy a shirt just like your daughter is wearing, I am not very good at sewing with knit fabric. I love the black background, it really makes the images pop.

    You are one talented lady!

    • Thank you so much Carrie! The army blanket was such a lucky find by my MIL. 100% wool fabric is so stinkin’ expensive, especially to be using where you’re never going to see it! Oh and I hear ya on not being the greatest with knits. I feel like I have so much left to learn sewing with them!

  2. Um, you may be many things, but I wouldn’t call you a “slacker”! For what it’s worth I finished Joe’s “baby” quilt when he was four, and I seem to be on a similar schedule for Maggie’s!

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