PR&P week 4 – signature style


It’s the final week of Project run & play, and the theme for this week is “Signature Style”. This week was the easiest for me to plan and was actually the first look out of all four weeks that I had figured out! My signature style is definitely all about luxurious fabric, unique details, and a bit of Japanese influence. I’ve dubbed my collection for the week “Linen & Liberty”.


First up is an ivory linen blouse sewn from a modified Oliver + s apple picking dress in size 4/5. The buttons are of a beautiful green vintage glass which I found on Etsy.


Here’s another look at those buttons. I just love how the green pops on this otherwise plain top.


Next is a pair of striped linen wide leg pants. The pattern I got from this Japanese sewing book. I sewed them in size 110 from a lovely linen bought from Joann’s.


The pants are quite simple which makes for a crazy fast sew!


And I really love those patch pockets!


The last piece of the ensemble (and the “arc de triomphe”) is a sweatshirt sewn from the gorgeous floral cotton fleece by Liberty of London. I sewed it from a modified Oliver + s school bus tee, adding in extra width to the pattern plus ribbing on the bottoms of the sleeves and at the waist.


I also included some decorative stitching at the neck.


Close up of the print. It looks like an impressionist painting.. I just love it!


And now for some shots of the outfit on! First just the blouse and pants.


Looking quite lovely!


The outfit all together!



Well there you have it, week 4 finished! I’m in love with that sweatshirt and will be making one for myself 😉 And as luck would have it, I have enough fabric to make one more for a special little girl out there! If you’d like to purchase it for a little lady in your life, please check out my Etsy listing for it here.

Have you had a chance to see the final looks of the competitors for Project run & play? You can check them out here!


24 thoughts on “PR&P week 4 – signature style

  1. So beautiful – I love all three pieces (I’ve made those pants before – isn’t it a great pattern!) And those matching shoes! Your little one looks lovely in her new clothes.

    • Thanks Beth! I only just discovered they made sweatshirt fleece a few months ago… Needless to say I was pretty floored and determined that I MUST try it!

  2. A trifecta of gorgeousness! Love your signature style, esp. how you so cleverly adapt basic patterns. I have that same striped linen from Joanns, originally sewn into a fail-dress for me, but now waiting to be upcycled into something else. Love that you used it for the pants, and they look great with both the linen top and floral sweatshirt. Also, love the pop of color with her shoes and how they draw in the fun colors of the sweatshirt!

    • Thank you Lucinda! I giggled at “fail-dress”. Isn’t that the truth; sewing for the kids is so much easier than sewing for ourselves. I’m about to sew several things for myself and I’m rather worried about the outcome…

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