Storybook pjs


For Kids Clothes Week this season the theme is Storybook, and let’s face it, the theme is awesome! So why in the world am I only just now getting around to sewing something four days in? Well, I guess I’ve been enjoying a little bit of a break and it’s been pretty wonderful I must say 🙂


I really didn’t want this week to go by completely without doing at least one storybook project, so I decided to sew my boy some much needed pjs. As luck would have it I had some gnome and fox fabric in my stash which perfectly fit this book that my kids love, “The Tomten and the Fox.”


I sewed them using the Alex & Anna winter PJs pattern by Peek-a-boo pattern shop in size 2. I’ve been hoarding that gnome fabric forever not quite sure what to do with it. I’m so glad I finally used it! It makes such cute jammies!


Looking cute in his fox pjs!


The fox fabric is an organic knit from spoonflower. When I had ordered this fabric the scale ended up being much larger than I thought, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and it sat in my stash for a bit. Pjs to the rescue!


I’m so glad I didn’t flake out of KCW all-together! Heck, maybe I’ll even try to squeeze in a second project before the week is out 😉

How’s your Kid’s Clothes Week sewing going? Anyone else barely have anything to show for the week or are you cranking out one thing after another?

10 thoughts on “Storybook pjs

  1. Oh, these are so, so cute! I love the storybook link too. I need me some more Spoonflower fabric … (correction: No I don’t! What am I talking about? I am buried in fabric!) … those foxes are so cute!

    I sewed a bunch this past weekend but haven’t done a lick of sewing during the week. We’ll see if I can bust out another project before KCW is over.

  2. Oh how delightful. I haven’t seen that book since I was a kid. Now I will have to hunt down a copy for myself and the kids to share. I’ve made the Spoonflower scale mistake (what on earth am I to do with a 15 inch high border print of poppy seed heads?) too. PJs was a perfect solution and what a little cutie!

    • Thanks! It really is such a great winter book. Makes me want to cook up some porridge 😉 I sure did kick myself when I got those massive foxes! Now I know about the spoonflower scaling and won’t be making that mistake again…I hope 😉 Did you find a project for your massive boarder print?

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