Albion men’s wool coat


Welcome to my first men’s sewing project; a wool coat for my husband. He asked for a coat several months back and I thought it would be a great birthday/Christmas gift, although it ended up being late for both! But it’s done now and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out as I’ve never sewn clothing this BIG before.


I used the Albion pattern by Colette Patterns in view 1, the “classic duffle style coat”. I sewed it in size M width L length from gorgeous heavyweight melton wool I bought from here.


For the lining I found this awesome medium weight Japanese fabric by Cosmo Textiles called Vintage London Map in color tea. The weight of the two fabrics together makes this one beefy coat!


There’s lots of little details included in the coat pattern, like this button up neck closure…


…and decorative tabs on the sleeves.


I did modify the pattern slightly by leaving the top flap off of the front patch pockets. It makes the front much more sleek and simple which is a look both my husband and I prefer.


The coat pattern calls for toggle buttons, which are thankfully surprisingly easy to sew on. Plus they lend a finished and professional look to the coat.


As a finishing touch I sewed in a hand-stitched label which contains a bit of an inside joke 😉


I love how this coat looks on! It’s definitely getting used in all this crazy cold and snow we’ve got going on here in Montana. An all around a success!

Ever sew for your spouse or do you prefer to keep the projects little? I certainly can’t wait to get back to tiny clothes sewing again 😉

11 thoughts on “Albion men’s wool coat

    • Thanks! I totally agree, I was thrilled to find that fabric for the lining; something both awesome and works for men’s clothing, which always seems to be rather hard to find. And I also totally agree with the whole handsome dude bit 😉

  1. no exaggeration – I’m in awe! What a stunning coat, and your fabric selection is beautiful. I hope you gave yourself a well-deserved pat on the back after finishing this project – or maybe simply seeing him proudly wearing it is satisfaction enough:)

    • Thanks Lucinda! Yes totally both.. pat on the back plus I’m so glad he loves it! It’s the worst when you sew something for someone and they don’t like it. 😦

  2. *Keels over in admiration* Wow. This looks fantastic! No, it’s really quite sad but I have never really sewn anything for my husband (I made him a Negroni once, and it was a bit of a beginner’s effort, I learned a lot but he didn’t really wear it). I have been meaning to try Thread Theory patterns, but holy cow, a COAT? This is so wonderful and completely out of my wheelhouse. I am curious, what type of interfacings (if any) did you use on such hefty wool?

    • Thank you so much Inder! Isn’t it a shame to have sewn something for someone and they don’t wear it. I think most of my beginner projects were in this category. As for interfacing, it didn’t require any! I kind of hate needing to add interfacing so it was nice to not need to!

  3. Amazing! The coat looks flawless! You are inspiring me to try making something for a grown-up. So far I’ve stuck with toddlers. They are too young to refuse to wear what I make. That coat is wonderful. He’s a lucky guy.

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