Winter pjs


It seems like I spent half my sewing time making pjs for these kids. With the extreme temperature difference of summer vs winter, not to mention them growing like weeds, they need new pjs all the time! Plus with my resolution to not buy clothing for the kids anymore (haven’t bought them clothes since last spring!) that means many of my sewing projects for them are practical things. And so, here we have some winter pjs.


The sewing pattern was the “Classic footed pajamas” by Peek-a-boo pattern shop. I sewed these in size 4 for my girl and size 2 for my boy from some cotton flannel I picked up from Joann’s.


For the non-slip foot bottoms I used up some slipper weight suede I had leftover from these house shoes I had made myself a while back. I love using “real” materials where I can.


Joann’s has a killer selection of flannel fabrics right now. I’ve been enjoying in increase in quality and selection from them for a while. I still remember the dark ages of Joann’s where you would count yourself lucky to find anything cute!


I also made my son this ridiculous looking thing called a lounge sack. It’s basically a sleep sack with feet holes 😉 I have the dilemma where my son refuses to keep blankets on at night, but also hates sleep sacks with the fire of 1000 burning suns. I thought maybe having his feet free would take care of the problem but no; he hates this too.


It’s a great idea though and if you’ve got a little one in a similar situation you may want to give one a whirl. The sewing pattern I used is McCall’s M6427 sewn out of fleece from Joann’s. I’m so glad I used an inexpensive fabric to try this out on him; I almost used some gorgeous 100% merino washable wool. You can guess how happy I am I didn’t!


Here’s the kids in their footed pjs! They both love them 🙂


Say “Gouda!”

What things have you sewn that your kids refuse to wear?


6 thoughts on “Winter pjs

  1. Oh my gosh, they are cute. And Maggie is kind of like that, although it may be partly due to our sleeping arrangement – she’s in bed with me – but with her, she hates anything covering her feet, full stop. Footie pjs, sleep sacks, socks, all of it. Well, she’ll wear socks and shoes during the day, but no socks at night. AND she kicks off covers. The only thing she’ll sleep in is cotton leggings and a long sleeved tee. I need to make the girl some pjs! I love that you haven’t bought anything for them for almost a year?! Wow, go mama!

    As far as other idiosyncratic refusals, Joe is on year two of “NO PANTS.” A second winter of getting cold just looking at him in his shorts. Sigh.

  2. That is some very cute PJ sewing right there! Love those footie suits. I would definitely have made those when the kids were little enough.
    I’m also not buying any clothes but I figure since no0one sees the kid in their pyjamas it doesn’t matter that they’re almost two sizes too small, does it?

  3. Miranda is a squirmer, so blankets never stay on. She hates footie pajamas, but likes sleep sacks, so I’m going to make her some. Where did you get the ribbed trim for the footed cuffs? I’ve been hunting, but all I see is full yards of ribbed fabric, not trim.

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