KCW – Leather shoulder raglan sweatshirt


For Kid’s Clothes Week this season I really wanted to crank through a few projects that have been sitting on my “must sew before spring comes” list, and this was one of them; a leather shoulder raglan sweatshirt for my son. It’s a straight up copy-cat of this sweatshirt from Groovy Baby and Mama. She has some fantastic style and I love everything she sews for her kids!


For my version I used the Oliver + s Raglan t-shirt pattern and modified it a bit by making it wider in the body and sleeves, skipped the pocket, widened the neck band, added sleeve cuffs and bottom hem band, and stitched on leather shoulder patches appliqué style onto the sleeves before sewing the whole thing together.


The sweatshirt fabric is this incredibly soft organic cotton sueded fleece in color camel which I bought from here. It’s pretty much the softest thing I’ve ever felt! I think I need to order more in all the colors 😉


Action shots! You can see it ended up being a bit huge on him. I’m debating whether or not to take it in or not. One the one hand, he’ll be able to wear it for several years the way it is. On the other hand.. it’s huge.


But he still looks pretty darn handsome either way 😉



Holy smokes is KCW already almost half way done? I’d better get cracking.

Do you sew your kids clothes big enough to grow into or do you prefer to have a good fit right away?

8 thoughts on “KCW – Leather shoulder raglan sweatshirt

  1. He is so cute! I would probably like to get as much wear as possible, so I would keep it big. Although you could always take it in, and leave the seam allowance large, then as he grows take those stitches out. That way it fits now and later.

    • Good idea! But I’d hate to have to rib out the binding on the sleeves and bottom hem now and later to get a good fit. Oh well, it’ll fit him eventually… 😉

  2. I’d leave it big, it’s cute. I don’t ever intentionally upsize but if, through lack of measuring or caring, it ends up that way I pretty much never do anything but wait for it to fit.
    Love those shoulder patches!

  3. Oh, this is so stylin’! And I agree with the others, leave it be, he’ll grow into it soon enough. In the meantime, you could make him another smaller version … tee hee.

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