KCW – Upcycle wool cape

This season’s theme for Kid’s Clothes Week is “Upcycled”. The theme is optional but it sure is fun to participate in it, especially since they tend to be awesome. My other projects for the week don’t fit the theme, but this one does; an upcycled wool cape for my daughter. Here’s a few before shots.



It was a suit set my mother-in-law picked up from the thrift store. She tends to find really nice wool to upcycle!


After! The pattern I used was a free tutorial from here. She even provides printable patterns for sizes 2/3 and 8 plus a tutorial for an optional hood.


You can see my cape has more seams in it than the tutorial. It was necessary to seam rip and piece together the suit set in order to have pieces big enough to cut out my cape. I tried to place the seams where they would look appropriate on a cape anyways.


For the lining fabric I used Poppies and raindrops by Anna Maria Horner from her Field Study collection. I had this sitting in my stash for a while and I’m glad to have found a lovely use for it!


Button tab feature.


And now for some modeling shots!





This will be a good one for spring. Just the right weight!

Upcycle project completed! What kinds of things do you like to upcycle?

16 thoughts on “KCW – Upcycle wool cape

  1. This is SO beautiful! What a fabulous, creative upcycle – and as a bonus, you used some stash fabric. Super impressive on all counts:)

    • Thanks! I did mull over those pockets for quite a while but there were just top many darts by them to make it work. So sad.. some welt pockets would have been amaze

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