Slouchy wool cardigan


It’s that time of year; with confused weather that isn’t sure if it wants it to be winter or spring yet. My son was in need of a layering piece and this lightweight wool cardigan was the perfect solution!


The pattern I used was the V-neck cardigan by Peek-a-boo pattern shop in size 3 for a slouchy fit. The fabric is a lightweight brown wool rib knit which I bought a while back from here with some bright green elbow patches using Kaufman laguna jersey knit scraps.


A useful attribute of wool is that is will breath and allow you to cool off if too hot, or warm you up if too cold, which is why I choose to use wool for this project as the range of temperatures this time of year can vary widely here in Montana.


Slouchy cardigan! You can see it’s.. well.. huge on him. It seems that’s been my luck these days with sewing projects for my boy.


Elbow patches.




At least it will fit him for years to come 😉

Are you finishing up any winter projects before spring’s arrival?


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