A wool & silk dress for late winter


Winter is coming to an end (enter angelic choir), and with the close of the season I’ve been thinking a bit about what I sew and why. I’ve come to realize that I want to sew more of what my children truly need and will wear, and less of things simply to fulfill a sew-along or competition. Of course if I can get the two purposes to align so much the better, because I really love participating in everything! But with my new purpose in mind my sewing projects from here on out will fit the following requirements; be needed or fulfill a specific purpose, my kids will wear it, and of course be beautifully constructed. And so, here is my latest sewing project; a warm Sunday dress for the cold days of late winter.


My daughter has about 10,000 warm weather dresses and only one cold weather dress! So this dress was much needed. For the sewing patterns I mashed up three patterns from Oliver + s; the Hide-and-seek dress body, the Apple picking dress sleeves, and the Pinwheel tunic’s keyhole back. I sewed it in size 5 for a roomy fit so it will be wearable for next year as well. The fabrics were a selection of two different shades of solid gray wool plus an italian wool herringbone suiting from here, with lilac silk dupioni trim on the sleeves and back tie. The overall look was inspired by a dress of unknown origin on Pinterest.


Here’s a close up of the color blocked bodice and skirt. I scooped out the hide-and-seek dress neckline a bit and ommited the notch.


Detail shot of the long sleeved Apple-picking dress sleeves option with silk trim and bows.


Pinwheel tunic keyhole back with silk bow tie closure.


A few modeling shots!


Trying out her pockets.




It’s warm enough for some outdoor shots! Huzzah!



I think this will be our new go-to Sunday dress until it warms up a bit 😉

Do you only sew what your kids need or do you find yourself sewing things YOU want to sew and the kids either don’t need it or won’t wear it?

17 thoughts on “A wool & silk dress for late winter

  1. How does she like it? I like making things for Ellie but she would probably think that was too plain and refuse to wear it.

    • She likes the bows but I know this doesn’t rank one of her favorite dresses… not girly enough for her taste. However since it’s only 1 of 2 long sleeved cold weather Sunday dresses it will still get loads of wear.

  2. I just discovered your blog and I love what you have been making….this dress especially. I have just cut my first hide and seek pattern, and I do wish I had taken a look at your dress before I did that. What a lovely dress on a gorgeous model.

    My sewing happens somewhere between the own. Child needs pants…she gets pants! We work on fabric choices together now, as I realise she will not wear some things at all if I don’t consult her at all 🙂 But in the middle of all this I do end up at times making what I want in the fabric I want (like currently) and then I come up with a story of why she needs it 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I totally agree about consulting the child on intended projects. I’ve never really had to as my children were too young or didn’t care, but now my girl is getting a definite opinion about her clothes! Working with her to create her wardrobe is absolutely in our future.

    • Thank you so much! There’s something so appealing about neutrals with a pop of color, which from your sewing looks like it appeals to you too 😉

  3. Whoa, this is every shade of beautiful! I LOVE it. Ok, I might have a bit of a grey fixation but I really, really dig this dress. I was trying to work out what you’d done with the neckline then of course Pinwheel! And those sleeves, genius!
    Between the pattern mashing, the fabrics and the colours you’ve just made the dress I most wish I had in my own wardrobe!
    But I’d let your daughter keep it cause she looks divine in it!

  4. So pretty! Her hair looks super cute too. I’d really like to see more dress patterns with long sleeves. My girl is just starting to get picky about her clothes–she definitely prefers knits and loose clothing. I have a tendency to sew with woven fabrics, and to sew a lot more “fancy” clothes than she needs since we rarely dress up. I’m definitely making an attempt to sew mostly comfortable, utilitarian clothes from her for now on (except for special occasions, of course!).

    • Thank you! I hear you on the dressier dress department… my daughter has dresses coming out of her ears! I’m swearing off sewing her any more (well besides her Easter/birthday dress) until she grows out of what she has. Girl has some serious need for jackets, cardigans, layering tank tops, and modesty shorts so goodness knows I’ve got plenty to keep me busy ;).

  5. Oh, this is just lovely. One of my favorite spins on this pattern ever. I love the way the Apple Picking sleeves look with this dress. And the color blocked wool! And the pink ribbons! So pretty!!!

    If it were up to my kids, they would only wear t-shirts and shorts (Joe) and pink dresses and leggings (Maggie). I do sew many of these things, but I think I would die of boredom if I didn’t branch out a little bit here and there! So for me it’s a mix, with most of my sewing being immediately practical items to fill a gap, and some “special occasion” things which may only be worn a few times. So it goes.

    • Thank you Inder! Yes I agree, we can’t just sew things that the kids like at the moment. My daughter is so finicky that she would change her mind 10xs before a project was even completed! So I just take her input with a grain of salt and sew pretty much what I want anyways, just keeping her tastes in mind. My boy is super easy as he has no opinion on his clothes yet 😉 And I agree, it really is so much fun to branch out and sew exciting/fashionable things, which kids have little appreciation for unfortunately…

  6. This dress is stunning. I’ve flagged it to use it as inspiration for dresses for my daughter and me for next fall/winter, though I’m too excited for spring to tackle it just now….

    • Thanks Jenny! I’m totally stoked about spring sewing too 🙂 This dress was actually meant to be sewn last fall, but never happened from being so sick with morning sickness. I just had to squeeze it in this winter though, and I’m so glad to have finally gotten it done! I’ll look for your version next fall 😉

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