Lullaby layette


What do you do when you are down to your final 10 weeks of pregnancy? Sew baby things like mad, of course! In fact until the baby is born I’ll be pretty much just sewing baby related things, and I’m very excited about it 🙂


My first baby project is the Lullaby Layette set by Oliver + s in size 0-3 months and the free Sweetpea pilot cap by Sew Liberated in size XS.


The jacket was sewn from Cotton Steel Tokyo Train Ride Harajuku in color aqua for the outer and Cotton & Steen Basics Dottie in color goldilocks for the inside with Robert Kaufman Railroad Poplin as the binding.


I modified the pattern a little by adding elbow patches plus quilting the entire jacket.


Here’s a close up of the quilting and the awesome print. I love this jacket!


The bodysuit is sewn from some luxurious organic cotton blend knit fabrics in colors cream and taupe from I  made a few modifications by color blocking the sleeves and snap facing, plus adding a little pocket sewn from the same Robert Kaufman railroad poplin.


The pants I sewed from more of the lovely Robert Kaufman railroad poplin (I kinda love this fabric..can you tell?) and modified the pattern a bit by adding little knee patches.All the seams were flat-felled to make the pants more durable.


The contrast back pockets were sewn from the same cream organic knit as the bodysuit.


The completed ensemble! I can’t wait to put a little baby body into this 🙂

Does anyone else get crazy nesting at the end of pregnancy?

8 thoughts on “Lullaby layette

  1. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest little ensemble! And so much beautiful sewing! Everything is just perfect! The quilted jacket is a genius touch. And elbow patches! And knee patches! Because newborns totally need elbow patches, right? Because they spend long hours sitting at desks. Ahhhhh, the more pointless and adult a detail is on a newborn outfit, the CUTER it is. It’s a law of physics! Can’t freak out over these enough – you’ve done a great job here, mama!

    • I “lol’d” at the idea of an itty baby sitting at a desk. I’m addicted to useless details! The kid won’t even be needing knee patches for at least 3 more months after he outgrows the pants and yet they somehow made their way on there anyhow! 🙂

  2. I did not notice the knee patches when I saw the photos on flickr – but I LOVE them. Really lovely set. Can’t wait to see what else you sew in the next 10 weeks!

    • Thanks Linda! I bought the railroad poplin from Robert Kaufman has a whole “railroad” line of awesomeness that is really perfect for kids clothing!

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