Baby essentials


With only about thirty days left with this pregnancy (say what?!) it was time to get some much needed basics completed. First up was a wool mattress for the bedside cosleeper.


Wool is pretty amazing. It’s breathable, flame-resistant, and so wonderfully soft! For this mattress I used about five pounds of wool which was layered inside of a shell sewn from some squishy soft organic cotton flax stretch knit. Both the wool and knit were bought from here. I hand tufted the mattress to keep the wool from shifting and to make it as firm as possible.


To protect the mattress I made a wool puddle pad from exquisitely soft merino wool knit which was bought from here. To make it waterproof first it was felted in the washing machine/dryer and then treated with lanolin several times. So much more comfy that a plastic mattress protector!


The bassinet mattress also required a fitted sheet, which was sewn from organic cotton sateen leftover in my stash from previous bedding made for my daughter.


For this go around I’ll be using cloth wipes to along with my cloth diapering. I cloth diapered my other two, but for some reason never did cloth wipes. And so three dozen single-ply wipes were made from some lovely organic cotton sherpa which was bought from here. This sherpa is so thick and soft! This kids bum is going to be seriously spoiled (I’m a tad jealous)!


I already have a bunch of organic bamboo velour/fleece nursing pads which I had made for my previous pregnancies but decided to try a few wool ones as well! I used the same merino wool as the puddle pad which was also felted in the wash/dry but not treated with lanolin. In theory they should be absorbent and have a stay-dry quality to them as well. I can’t wait to try them out!

Whew, so glad to have gotten a bunch of essentials out of the way! I think some cute baby stuff is needed next.. perhaps some little shoes? 😉

Does anyone else enjoy saving $$$ on making their own baby essentials? Seriously, I think I saved several hundred dollars on that mattress alone!

5 thoughts on “Baby essentials

  1. Wow, I’m impressed. Especially with the mattress! It looks so soft and squishy. I think you will really like the cloth wipes – I find they work much better than disposable ones; it’s rare I need more than one.

    • Thanks Masha! I’ve heard that about cloth wipes working better and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in action. Not having to pick out the disposable wipes to throw away sounds pretty nice too 😉

  2. You are on FIRE, woman! Amazing! I love everything you’ve made here, and it is all so natural and healthy too. You know, my kids wouldn’t sleep anywhere besides next to me, so I didn’t even use the cosleeper. It ended up being a really expensive dog bed for my poodly dog Crouton. 😉 I’m always impressed by anyone who can get their kid to sleep more than six inches away from them, lol. Maggie is still in bed with me, truth be told. She kicks me all night, it’s great fun!

    You know, I’ve heard great things about wool nursing pads but never tried them. Report back!!!

    • I giggled at the “expensive dog bed”. My daughter was absolutely glued to me and wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me. She would probably still sleep on me if she got her way! My son however only wanted to be on me to nurse and then he wanted his own space for sleeping. If this boy ends up like his older brother than the cosleeper will be wonderful! BUT if he is a cuddled than we may have a very nice dog bed on our hands as well 😉 And I’ll try to remember to let you know how the wool nursing pads go!

  3. Oh wow, I’m having flashbacks to lanolin treating the wool nappy covers! I still have half a 1kg tub of lanolin leftover. No idea what I’ll ever do with that!
    this all looks beautiful. Well done

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