Watercolor floral peplum dress


You know when a fabric just speaks to you? Well this gorgeous floral knit whispered “peplum dress” to me from the aisle of Jo-Ann’s fabrics. It also whispered to me a few other pieces that need to be sewn for my daughter’s fall wardrobe, but for starters, here’s the peplum 😉


The fabric is a watercolor floral slub knit that I cannot get enough of (seriously did I buy enough yardage?!?) which was sewn up into peplum awesomeness using this pattern. I made it in a slimmed down size 5 and custom fit the length of the sleeves and skirt.


My daughter loves this dress. She’d sleep in it if she could get away with it 😉 It may also help that this is the first dress I’ve made her in over five months so she’s really appreciating it!


The back. So cute. I want one for myself…



There will be more peplum to come! Yes sir, lots of peplum. ❤

4 thoughts on “Watercolor floral peplum dress

  1. Oh, this is straight out of the Golden Girls, in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY (I really love the Golden Girls, and have a soft spot for early 80s fashion when the shoulder pads aren’t too out of control). I love it!!! This fabric knew what it wanted to be, and it told you exactly what to do. You are an artist!

  2. I love this. Somehow it makes her look simultaneously grown up and yet still a girl. Maybe like it’s a preview of what she will look like as a young lady. Anyway, it’s wonderful.

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