Camouflage cargo shorts


This was a particularly satisfying project to complete having been on my “To do” list for ages. My older boy was (and still is) in desperate need of shorts as he only had one pair that fit him for this summer. Well now he has two 😉


The pattern is a mash up of Oliver + s Museum trousers and Field trip cargo pants sewn in size 4 from Robert Kaufman Camouflage jacquard woven chambray in color jungle . I pretty much followed the museum trousers pattern (cropped them into shorts) and added the cargo pockets from the Field trip cargo pants.


Close up of a cargo pocket. I added velcro closures to the flaps to keep them closed.


Back leather detail and welt pocket. There are belt loops on the pants but they’re hard to see. I guess the camouflage is working 😉


Model shots!




He loves his new shorts and has been wearing them non-stop! Need. Moar. Shorts. 

4 thoughts on “Camouflage cargo shorts

  1. Oh, these are so fantastic!! So, can I ask – why didn’t you just use the Field Trip pattern? I am just curious. You know me, I am so stuck on the Sketchbook Shorts in terms of fit, I move details from other patterns onto that basic block rather than make up the different patterns, so I was wondering if you are the same with the Art Museum Trousers. I was actually tempted to put a welt pocket on my latest pair of Sketchbooks but ended up going fast and simple. I may do a welt pocket on the linen “golden shorts” – and now you have me thinking about a cargo pocket too.

    • Yes it’s that exactly! I’m stuck on the fit of museum; just perfect. I’ve never actually sewn the field trip pants and I came very close to finally doing it with these shorts, but I decided not to :/. I’ll be branching out with his next pair of shorts though with the sandbox pants. Linen shorts with a welt (and maybe cargo) pockets would be dreamy!

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