A “first day of Preschool” tunic


There’s nothing so exciting as the first day of school, and to commemorate it I decided to sew my daughter a new tunic for the occasion! You may recognize these fabrics from some previous projects I’ve made for my daughter. Yes, I’ll admit, I went a little crazy with this chambray and sewed All. The. Things. from it. Well this is officially the last project from this chambray!


For the sewing pattern I mashed up elements from several different Oliver + s patterns; the main bodice is from the Playtime tunic, the sleeves from the Hide and Seek dress, and sleeve tabs from the Jump Rope dress all sewn in size 4 width 5 length from a gorgeous indigo Balinese handwoven Ikat and the much loved Kaufman union chambray in indigo.


Girl showing some modeling ‘tude 😉  I made a few modifications to the pattern pieces themselves to get the fit I was after. The playtime tunic has wide shoulders, so I trimmed off about 1.5 inches to the width there so the seam was near to her shoulders. I also shortened the hide and seek sleeves slightly so they hit just above the elbow.


Instead of topstitching a collar design onto the dress I opted to construct an actual collar which I stitched on around the neck like an appliqué. In hindsight I would have constructed the collar a bit differently, but I was figuring this out as I went so mistakes were inevitable 😉


For the sleeve tabs I doubled the length of the jump rope pattern piece to allow them to wrap completely around the cuff and hold it in place.


In keeping with my heirloom sewing streak, I used some lovely mother of pearl buttons which I’d bought off of Ebay.


And now for some action shots with her backpack!


The backpack I made several years ago from lovely Heather Ross Far far away II. I love getting use out of old projects!



Preschool success!

Back to school sewing is so much fun to do! What school clothing have you been sewing for your kids?

Sweet dreams bedding


I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had made a mattress protector from a thrifted wool army blanket (courtesy of my mother-in-law) for my daughter’s new mattress. Here’s a few photo’s of it!


It was pretty beat up and full of holes, so I patched them up with some wool felt hearts that I cut from my stash. Pretty adorable right?


The edges are a little raggedy and I may decide to serge the edges next time I take it off her bed to wash and lanolize it.


Twin sheets were also needed, so I made her a fitted sheet and pillowcase from the new Heather Ross far far away line that just was released. I am a huge Heather Ross fan, and I’m so glad she re-did these prints from her first two far far away collections in quilting weight cottons.


For the fitted sheet I followed this tutorial, but with a few modifications of my own such as stitching elastic around the entire edge of the sheet rather than just the corners.


Sheets on the bed! Now I just need to finish her matching quilt that I started oh, two years ago! Nope, no slackers here 😉

Have you thrifted for any projects? What kinds of things do you like to repurpose?

A baby shower gift


Baby showers make me a bit giddy. Itty bitty cuteness just waiting to be sewn and put on tiny sweet newborn babies. ❤ So of course I jumped at the chance to make something sweet and girly for my friend’s upcoming baby. The sewing patterns I used were Oliver + S playtime leggings, and the dress is a Made By Rae pattern called the Itty Bitty Baby dress. For the leggings I scaled them down a size to make them 0-6 months and I sewed them out of Heather Ross’ Briar Rose strawberry knit. I’m a huge fan of Heather Ross! Her fabrics are to die for.


For the dress I scaled the dress pattern up a size to make it 3-6 months, omitted the waist piping and hem bias tape, and hand stitched the hem plus the bodice lining at the waist for a neat finish. I sewed it from Robert Kaufman union chambray in indigo, which is seriously a wonderful chambray. It’s one of my favorites, and I must sew all the things from it!


For some extra special detail I embroidered the collar with several different stitches using this tutorial from purlbee as a guide. The finished look is seriously lovely! I need to make one of these to keep!


The back got one row of embroidery as well.


Strawberry legs! Congrats to my friend 🙂 Can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy.


I see London, I see France


Sometimes it’s the practical things that demand to be sewn, and I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of sewing practical things. So when my daughter had need of new underwear I went and bought her a set rather then having to sew them. And what do you know, the fit was awful! Those undies would stretch out and be around her ankles in 15 minutes. I resolved it was time for some practical sewing.


The pattern I used is called Classic Panties and Camisole by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. I sewed them in size 3/4 in Heather Ross’ Briar Rose knits and one pair in Baby Nay butterfly knit. I actually sewed seven total pairs of underwear but the two I left out of the pictures are a repeat of the calico prints. Yes baby girl, seven pairs of underwear for you. Seven pairs of insanely cute non-ankle undies. ❤


I made some alterations to the pattern. First, the pattern has you cut the whole thing as one piece rather then a separate back and front. I wanted my strawberry print direction to be upright on both the front and back so I cut the undies in two pieces, seaming them were the pattern is cut when you print it out before taping the pattern together (on the bum).


Since I had a seam I decided to do the lining differently as well. Instead of folding under and stitching the lining in place at both the front and back (which would create visible stitching lines), I serged finish the front edge and left it free-floating.


The back edge got trimmed by about an inch to meet the bum seam and then I serged it right side of the lining to wrong side of the panty back while sewing the panty front and back together. When I flipped the lining over it sandwiched the seam inside, creating a nice finish and making it comfortable to wear!


Here’s a better picture of the lining modifications I made. I think next time I make these I’ll use elastic lace around the legs and waist instead of ribbing. I don’t mind ribbing for toddler underwear but by the time she needs a new set she won’t be a toddler anymore!

These undies are so so cute on. But I’m afraid you’ll just have to take my word for it! No underwear modeling shots for my daughter 😉

What kinds of practical things are you sewing for your kids? Do you actually like sewing them or do you do it because of fit issues?



Calico jump rope dress


It’s summer! Nothing said summer to me as a child like spending the days outdoors playing and getting sweaty, caked in dirt and tree sap, and usually coming home with my pockets stuffed with treasures from the forest. Now that I’m grown I try to refrain from gallivanting through the woods all day long, but it’s fair game for my kids! And that means lightweight practical clothing that won’t get in the way of the fun.


The Jump Rope dress from Oliver + S is a perfect example of summer play clothes. It’s functional and comfortable while still being a dress, for which my daughter is eternally grateful 😉 I sewed view A in size 3 width 4 length from Heather Ross’ Briar Rose collection in the lilac calico print.


I decided to sew the collar and front placket in white to offset the busy-ness of the calico, and I love the simple beauty a white collar adds to the dress. The buttons I finally picked are a lovely shimmery peachy pink, and let me tell you it took me forever to figure out those buttons! I bought four separate sets before I finally was happy with how these looked on the dress.


There are so many lovely features included by Oliver + S in this pattern, like the wonderful little pockets on the skirt with a surprise top opening.


And I just love the belt-loops and sash.


Plus it looks great on! There will be lots of playground visits in this little number for sure.



There is always some dancing involved in photo shoots with Lily 🙂


What a great way to kick off the summer!

What about you, what do you have on your summer sewing list?



Cricket Ice Cream tunic


Have I mentioned I love Oliver + s patterns? No? 😉 This is the Ice Cream dress sewing pattern by of course Oliver + s sewn in Heather Ross’ Cricket from her Briar Rose collection. It’s sewn in size 4 length and 3 width.


I modified the pattern a bit by making it into a tunic using the dress view A pattern pieces but leaving off the bottom band and instead lengthening the top piece by an inch and a half.


This fabric and pattern are just perfect together! I wish I could take credit for pairing them first, but no, I’ve seen other ice cream shirts/dresses in this print. This may be the first tunic though!


Glamour shot. I love the notches at the neckline and pockets. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like them but I really do especially with the allover print I used! They add a little something special plus some visual interest that doesn’t get overwhelmed by the print.


Look mom! A squirrel!


If you’ve not tried out any Heather Ross fabrics in your sewing, please do! Just look at that adorable cricket.



This tunic was an instant favorite plus it’s perfect for the warm spring days (yes it’s finally warm!) of Montana. So glad I sewed this one up!

Itsy bitsy spider sailboat top


It’s the start of the rain and thunderstorms here in Montana, and something about a sailboat top with Itsy bitsy spider detail seemed so appropriate 😉 And what a sweet little shirt this turned out to be! I’ve had the Oliver + S Sailboat pattern living in my stash for quite some time but never got to making it for my daughter before she grew too big for it. So I really wanted to make it for my boy and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!


I sewed size 18-24 months in Robert Kaufman’s Railroad deluxe shirting stripes in color denim-blue with the yolk lining in Heather Ross’ Itsy bitsy spider. The fit is a bit smaller then I anticipated, probably due to this pattern being sized for knits too. It fit’s him perfectly now and I think he may grow out of it very soon! So sad, I just love this top on him.


Hello little spider. You are adorable. You may remember these fabrics from KCW day 2 where I gave you a sneak peak at this project in the works. Yup, this project has been sitting on my sewing table unloved for a few weeks! So glad to have finally finished it.


Detail shot. I found these robot eye wooden buttons on Etsy from the shop shop4craft and they are a prefect finishing touch.


My model was very uncooperative so please excuse my blurry pictures. It would have been great to take him outside in the grass and sunshine, but it’s snowing out right now. Yes, snowing! So blurry indoor shots it is.


Back shot. I love the curved shirt bottom! It’s great little details like that which set Oliver + S patterns apart.


I’m a huge fan of this top! I need to try this in a knit next.


My little girl is 4 years old already! I really can’t believe it. How time flies…


To celebrate I sewed her a few fun birthday gifts. First up is a dress-up cloak sewn from the Oliver + S Book of Little Things to Sew. I have a separate post about it here if you’d like more details on it. As you can see from the picture, this girl loves her cloak! I can’t believe I hadn’t made her any other dress-up stuff before now. I think more will be in order soon!


Of course I had to sew her a birthday dress and what birthday is complete without Nani Iro? I made her this gorgeous little number which you can read more about in my previous post here.


Next up is a new outfit for her waldorf doll “Pearl” whom I made for her birthday last year. Poor thing had been sporting the same outfit for a whole year, so a top and pants were much needed and highly appreciated by my daughter who has finally gotten into keeping clothes on her dolls. The top is made from Liberty of London from my stash and the pants are from a linen/cotton chambray by Robert Kaufman which was leftover from a skirt I had made my daughter a few seasons ago. I love using up scraps 🙂


Pearl’s new clothes!


Last, but not least, I made her a doll carrier from the Oliver + S Book of Little Things to Sew. I just love using whimsical, dreamy fabric on little projects like this! Plus I’ve had this fabric living in my stash forever! So glad I found a good project to use some of it up.


The fabric is from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away 2 and 3 collections. I’m addicted to Heather Ross in case you haven’t noticed 😉  She is one of my favorite fabric designers.


Close up!


Lamby love.

Happy birthday sweet Lily!


Kid’s Clothes Week days 5 & 6

I have a confession… I got a little side-tracked from my KCW sewing list. How could I not after Oliver + S released their new digital pattern, the School bus t-shirt? Plus with all the sunny/warmer weather we’ve been having I had a serious t-shirt making itch to scratch. And so I spent yesterday and today making tees.




I made three t-shirts, two for my girl and one for my boy. The first for my girl I sewed in size 4 view B with a slight modification to the length in the back; I added about 2 inches and rounded it out to the side seams to create some extra length. For the fabrics I used Heather Ross’ strawberry knit print from the Briar Rose collection, and a surprise back in a sparkle striped gray/black jersey from my stash. I love these two fabrics together! They are sweet and funky, just like my little girl.



The second tee is also size 4 view B but with it widened a little for a baggier fit. For the fabrics I used an Alice in wonderland knit from my stash and the back has a peek-a-boo lace cutout of stretch lace from Joann’s.



The third tee for my boy I sewed in size 18-24 months in view A. The fabric is an awesome mushroom cotton knit from my stash (so thrilled to have used up tons of stash fabric with these tees!).



I love how fast these were to sew up! I’m only a novice-intermediate knit sewer but still managed to crank these out with only a few snafu’s. Don’t be afraid of knits! Oliver + S gives you so many helpful hits and tips along the way.


Action shot! She loves her Alice tee!



Spring shorts

It’s almost spring and I’m beginning to get a little giddy. Winter in Montana is a bit.. shall we say.. intense. This winter in particular was colder and snowier then normal and was our first winter here since moving from Seattle. Heaps of snow and several occasions of -20 degrees below zero (that’s fahrenheit folks!) I really can’t wait for short weather, and so I couldn’t resist sewing my boy a pair.


The pattern I used was the Sketchbook Shirt & Shorts by Oliver + s in size 18-24 months. Most of the kids sewing patterns I use are by them; they are so well written and easy to follow! The fabric is a medium weight organic canvas in color avocado from goodness know’s where as it has been living in my stash for an eternity. I don’t know about you but I get a serious thrill out of using up stash fabric! I love the casualness of these otherwise dressy shorts in this fabric and the lived in rumple of the canvas. I opted in with the optional button and went for a rustic wooden one.



Blurry action shot 🙂


I lined the pockets and modified the waistband to accommodate my contrast fabric called Country Mice from the Nursery Versery collection by Heather Ross. I have a serious Heather Ross addiction. I love how the colors work perfectly together. As a finishing touch I added a little hand stitched label. I can’t get over how much a little label adds to the finished garment.



Mouse in your pocket? Yes please.