Sequins & Ikat


Project Run & Play is doing things a little differently this year; instead of one crazy jam-packed month they’re doing a once a month sew-along project, and I really do love the new relaxed pace! This month Alida from Alida Makes has chosen her bubble dress tutorial for us to sew along with, and I couldn’t resist using up some stash fabric to make my girl a little something special.


The skirt is a bubble skirt sewn using Alida’s tutorial (which I did modify to fit my girl as a skirt) from gold sequins fabric I had picked up from Hobby Lobby this past fall.


I knew I wanted a top to go with the skirt so I made a sleeveless version of Oliver + s sketchbook shirt sewn from some slinky woven ikat fabric also from Hobby Lobby. I’m wild about this crazy fabric. My daughter said it’s like a sunset and I agree! But what it really reminds me of the aurora borealis which I got to see this past November while in Iceland.


I sewed the shirt in size 4 width 5 length. For modifications I left the sleeves off and cut some 1.5″ strips of bias tape to finish the armholes with. This is a peek at the inside of the finished armhole. I also took the sides in a bit to make it slightly slimmer fitting.


The finished outfit! Girl’s ready for a party!




Month one of PR&P done! I’m looking forward to next month’s challenge.

Will you be sewing along with Project Run & Play? I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!

A “first day of Preschool” tunic


There’s nothing so exciting as the first day of school, and to commemorate it I decided to sew my daughter a new tunic for the occasion! You may recognize these fabrics from some previous projects I’ve made for my daughter. Yes, I’ll admit, I went a little crazy with this chambray and sewed All. The. Things. from it. Well this is officially the last project from this chambray!


For the sewing pattern I mashed up elements from several different Oliver + s patterns; the main bodice is from the Playtime tunic, the sleeves from the Hide and Seek dress, and sleeve tabs from the Jump Rope dress all sewn in size 4 width 5 length from a gorgeous indigo Balinese handwoven Ikat and the much loved Kaufman union chambray in indigo.


Girl showing some modeling ‘tude 😉  I made a few modifications to the pattern pieces themselves to get the fit I was after. The playtime tunic has wide shoulders, so I trimmed off about 1.5 inches to the width there so the seam was near to her shoulders. I also shortened the hide and seek sleeves slightly so they hit just above the elbow.


Instead of topstitching a collar design onto the dress I opted to construct an actual collar which I stitched on around the neck like an appliqué. In hindsight I would have constructed the collar a bit differently, but I was figuring this out as I went so mistakes were inevitable 😉


For the sleeve tabs I doubled the length of the jump rope pattern piece to allow them to wrap completely around the cuff and hold it in place.


In keeping with my heirloom sewing streak, I used some lovely mother of pearl buttons which I’d bought off of Ebay.


And now for some action shots with her backpack!


The backpack I made several years ago from lovely Heather Ross Far far away II. I love getting use out of old projects!



Preschool success!

Back to school sewing is so much fun to do! What school clothing have you been sewing for your kids?

Ikat 2+2 blouse


We’ve had a cold snap here in Montana, with temps down in the 50s and 60s, and let me tell you, my kids had just about nothing to wear! Ack! The temp will be back in the 80s by the end of the week, but it’s made me realize I need to switch to fall sewing ASAP, but of course I had to squeeze in one last little summer number 😉 And so without further ado, enter the end of summer ikat 2+2 blouse.


The pattern I used was Oliver + s 2+2 blouse in size 4 sewn in a cotton ikat from Joann’s. Joann’s has been carrying more and more great fabrics over the years, and this one is no exception! It’s seriously lovely for some summer clothing.


I changed the pattern slightly by omitting the patch on the front. Instead I stitched the seam right sides together and then carefully top-stitched it to reinforce it plus to keep the seam from flipping up and being visible while worn. Also, I like the neck-tie tied in a bow rather then left loose. It lend the blouse a simple and classic look!


Detail shot of the back buttons.


Love this shirt on!


And now for some modeling shots!





Goodbye summer! We will miss you!

Am I the only slacker who hasn’t started fall sewing yet?

Summer KCW – day 6


With KCW quickly coming to an end I needed some quick projects for my girl, and decided on this halter top. Thankfully it was a breeze to put together!


The pattern I used was Oliver + s ruffled halter, which is a free pattern offered on their website, sewn in a gorgeous indigo blue handwoven Balinese ikat, with Kaufman union chambray as the lining and lemon yellow shot cotton for the tie. This ikat is seriously drool-worthy! So lightweight, so airy, so brilliant in color. ❤


I made a few modifications to the sewing pattern. First, I made it between sizes so that it was a 4/5. Next, I didn’t include any of the ruffles but only used the front, back, and tie pattern pieces. Since the top ruffle is used to finish the neck and arm edges plus used to create the casing I decided to make a lining to serve these purposes instead.


You can see the lining here. I basically traced the front piece and chopped it off where I wanted the lining to end and finished the bottom edge neatly. Then I sewed it together using the same instructions as for the top ruffle, but making sure to stitch the top front and lining right sides together. Lastly, I hand-stitched the bottom hem for a more formal invisible finish.


Love that ikat! Love that kid!


The back of this halter is my favorite part. Very adorable!


Action shot!


There will be lots of wearing this top for the rest of the summer! Now I just need to sew up the shorts to go with it before KCW runs out on me 😉

Are you done sewing for KCW or will you be burning the midnight oil to squeeze out one last project?