PR&P week 4 – signature style


It’s the final week of Project run & play, and the theme for this week is “Signature Style”. This week was the easiest for me to plan and was actually the first look out of all four weeks that I had figured out! My signature style is definitely all about luxurious fabric, unique details, and a bit of Japanese influence. I’ve dubbed my collection for the week “Linen & Liberty”.


First up is an ivory linen blouse sewn from a modified Oliver + s apple picking dress in size 4/5. The buttons are of a beautiful green vintage glass which I found on Etsy.


Here’s another look at those buttons. I just love how the green pops on this otherwise plain top.


Next is a pair of striped linen wide leg pants. The pattern I got from this Japanese sewing book. I sewed them in size 110 from a lovely linen bought from Joann’s.


The pants are quite simple which makes for a crazy fast sew!


And I really love those patch pockets!


The last piece of the ensemble (and the “arc de triomphe”) is a sweatshirt sewn from the gorgeous floral cotton fleece by Liberty of London. I sewed it from a modified Oliver + s school bus tee, adding in extra width to the pattern plus ribbing on the bottoms of the sleeves and at the waist.


I also included some decorative stitching at the neck.


Close up of the print. It looks like an impressionist painting.. I just love it!


And now for some shots of the outfit on! First just the blouse and pants.


Looking quite lovely!


The outfit all together!



Well there you have it, week 4 finished! I’m in love with that sweatshirt and will be making one for myself 😉 And as luck would have it, I have enough fabric to make one more for a special little girl out there! If you’d like to purchase it for a little lady in your life, please check out my Etsy listing for it here.

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Project Run & Play – 80’s cartoon inspiration

Have you heard of Project run & play? It’s a seriously fun sewing challenge inspired by the popular show Project Runway, but it’s for moms and their kids! I’m not sure how I only just discovered them since they are in their 10th season! Oh well, better late than never 😉 The challenge has several chosen participants who battle it out over several weeks until there is only one victorious, but anyone can sew along, and that’s what I’m doing this season. I’d love to be one of the participants someday! (Edit: The Berenstain Bears is also a book! And so I’m also including it in the Sew Many Books sewing challenge)

Picadilo Collage

This week’s challenge was to sew an 80’s cartoon inspired outfit. That theme is awesome, and there’s a ton of great cartoons to choose from that seriously take me back to my childhood. I decided to settle on The Berenstain Bear’s sister bear. She has some pretty awesome elements to her outfit that I used as inspiration, namely a pink and white polka dot shirt, and pink ruffled shoulders on a pinafore. I know sister bear wears overalls but I decided to sew a pinafore instead. In hindsight I wish I done overalls but hey, you live and you learn.


For the top I sewed it from this Japanese sewing book in size 110 from the beautiful Nani Iro Pocho double gauze. The polka dots are metallic coral pink which is extremely awesome according to my daughter 😉 Also, that shirt was my first ever project from a non-translated Japanese sewing book!


The pinafore is from this Japanese sewing book which has been translated into English and is a great place to start if you want to get into Japanese kids sewing. I sewed it in size 110 from Kaufman newcastle denim, Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in color mushroom, and I added a pocket on the front from some brushed cotton Nani Iro scraps I had left over from this dress.


I seriously love the details of Japanese patterns. The peter pan collar, the shoulder ruffles, the puffed sleeves! All just perfection.


Here’s a better shot of the polka dot print. Those metallic dots are hard to capture!


For the buttons I used mother-of-pearl buttons I found on Ebay.


Size tag!


Pocket detail.


And now for a few modeling shots!



80’s cartoon inspired success! On to sewing for next week’s challenge 😉

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Happy Homemade Sew-along


This past week I’ve been participating in this sew along hosted by Meg and Cherie of elsiemarley and you&mie. Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids is a Japanese sewing book that has recently been translated into English and was the book we used to complete our project. I’ve had another Japanese sewing book in my stash for three years that I’ve never been able to figure out well enough to actually sew anything from! So when this sew-along was announced I positively jumped at the chance. Not only would it be my first (finally!) Japanese sewing book project but I hoped it would pave the way in helping me understand my other book well enough to start sewing from it.


The pattern we sewed was the Pull-over Parka. It’s a great gender neutral piece, workable for just about any season depending on how you execute it. I decided to make one for my daughter since I had just finished a pull-over for my son.


For my daughter’s parka I sewed it in size 110 (which is like a 4/5) out of Nani Iro fuccra rakuen and Robert Kaufman chambray union cotton in color indigo, with the pocket lining and drawstring cord made from ivory linen. I’m in love with this chambray! It’s lightweight, supple, soft, and simply wonderful for summery projects.


I did make a few alterations to the pattern. First I pieced together a sweetheart seam on the front of the parka and a scoop seam on the back. I like the interest they add plus it saved me from using a ton of my precious Nani Iro ;). Next I lengthen and flared the sleeves a bit so that I could gather them at the wrists with elastic. I also added some side seam pockets since my daughter has very little appreciation for anything I make her that doesn’t have pockets. Girl needs to store her treasures somewhere!


Finally I lined (a modification Cherie showed us how to do) and then quilted the hood. I just couldn’t get the idea of quilting something out of my head, so I did a little to satisfy my perfectionist… I mean artistic.. bent.


Sweetheart seam <3. I didn’t ask her to smile. Want to know why?


This is the face I get if I ask  ;D Like an adorable little pirate, Arrrrrrrrr.


Trying out her pockets.


I love that hood. So glad I listened to the crazy and quilted it!


Out for a stroll in her new parka. I’m really thrilled with how it turned out, and that I understood what I was doing the whole time! Of course having my hand held by Meg and Cherie made it just about impossible to mess up. I can’t wait to apply my new knowledge of Japanese pattern books to the one living in my stash. Yes, I think it’s time 😉

Anyone else conquer the mysterious Japanese sewing book, or any other trial in sewing you thought you just couldn’t ever get past?