Late winter in Liberty


Sometimes the only way to struggle through the last of winter is to just live in denial that it is still happening. My favorite way to ignore winter is with flowers. And dresses. And especially flowery dresses.


And so I made my daughter this lovely spring (and yet still appropriate for the end of winter) dress sewn from the gorgeous Betsy tana lawn by Liberty of London.


The pattern bones are from Oliver + S Playtime dress in a slimmed out size 6. I did modify it by moving the shoulder seam, adding a collar, and fully lining the bodice, plus cropping the sleeves and shortening the skirt.


My daughter adores this dress, and I adore seeing her in it. Even so, spring, would you please come soon? Thanks

Rainbow cropped tee and chambray culottes


It’s Kids Clothes Week! If you haven’t heard what KCW is all about click here! After not participating in the last two KCW’s due to new baby/exhaustion I am so excited to actually sew something for this go around.


My daughter got a new rainbow crop top tee and chambray culotte shorts. The patterns are the Mini Briar top and the Mini Tania culottes both by Megan Neilsen. I adore these patterns! They are quick to sew but also detailed and adorable.


The tee was sewn in size 6/7 from a gorgeous heathered rainbow ombré knit from Funkalicious Fabrics on Etsy. The heart is from basic white performance knit from Joann’s.


The culottes I also made in size 6/7 using Kaufman’s tencel chambray in color powder. It’s very lightweight and works quite well as a floaty pair of culottes.


The only modification I made was to add tassels to the front.


Finished outfit! I love the belly 🙂





KCW is off to a great start! Even if I get nothing else done I’m still calling it a success. Anyone else sewing this week for their kids?




A 5th birthday party


This April was packed full of birthdays! My birthday fell the week right before my daughter’s, and sandwiched between the two was Kids Clothes Week! Unfortunately as a result not a single thing was sewn for KCW, but there was loads of birthday planning, cooking, decorating, and a little sewing for my girl’s doll that was done instead!


My daughter wanted a princess themed party, so princess was what she got!


Loads of yummy pink food served on pink glass table settings and embroidered table clothes courtesy of my mother-in-law.


The only sewing project for her birthday was a new princess dress and crown for her Waldorf doll Pearl. The pattern was self drafted and sewn out of silk dupioni bought from JoAnn’s.


Painting and bedazzling jewelry boxes.


Blowing out her birthday candles! Happy 5th birthday sweet Lily!

KCW – Color block raglan tees


For the last day of Kid’s Clothes Week I decided to fill out my boy’s wardrobe with some much needed t-shirts. They are quick and easy to sew plus they were on my “must sew before spring” list, so the timing was perfect.


The pattern I used was Oliver + s Field trip raglan T-shirt in size 2 sewn out of Robert Kaufman Laguna cotton jersey knits in colors heather pepper, tangerine, grass, emerald and heather gray. These knits are amazing! Soft and sturdy, not too lightweight but not too heavy, seriously just perfection. If you’re looking to make some t-shirts I would highly recommend these knits!


I love using color-blocking for tees; it’s a quick and easy way to create a one of a kind piece.


For the pocket on this tee I used some scrap bamboo stripe knit that I used for these shorts and this top. The neckband is black ribbing from Joanns.


Model shots!




And with that KCW comes to an end. I’m looking forward to next season already!

Did you sew anything for Kid’s clothes week? If not, why not join in next season? There’re prizes 😉

KCW – Upcycle wool cape

This season’s theme for Kid’s Clothes Week is “Upcycled”. The theme is optional but it sure is fun to participate in it, especially since they tend to be awesome. My other projects for the week don’t fit the theme, but this one does; an upcycled wool cape for my daughter. Here’s a few before shots.



It was a suit set my mother-in-law picked up from the thrift store. She tends to find really nice wool to upcycle!


After! The pattern I used was a free tutorial from here. She even provides printable patterns for sizes 2/3 and 8 plus a tutorial for an optional hood.


You can see my cape has more seams in it than the tutorial. It was necessary to seam rip and piece together the suit set in order to have pieces big enough to cut out my cape. I tried to place the seams where they would look appropriate on a cape anyways.


For the lining fabric I used Poppies and raindrops by Anna Maria Horner from her Field Study collection. I had this sitting in my stash for a while and I’m glad to have found a lovely use for it!


Button tab feature.


And now for some modeling shots!





This will be a good one for spring. Just the right weight!

Upcycle project completed! What kinds of things do you like to upcycle?

KCW – Leather shoulder raglan sweatshirt


For Kid’s Clothes Week this season I really wanted to crank through a few projects that have been sitting on my “must sew before spring comes” list, and this was one of them; a leather shoulder raglan sweatshirt for my son. It’s a straight up copy-cat of this sweatshirt from Groovy Baby and Mama. She has some fantastic style and I love everything she sews for her kids!


For my version I used the Oliver + s Raglan t-shirt pattern and modified it a bit by making it wider in the body and sleeves, skipped the pocket, widened the neck band, added sleeve cuffs and bottom hem band, and stitched on leather shoulder patches appliqué style onto the sleeves before sewing the whole thing together.


The sweatshirt fabric is this incredibly soft organic cotton sueded fleece in color camel which I bought from here. It’s pretty much the softest thing I’ve ever felt! I think I need to order more in all the colors 😉


Action shots! You can see it ended up being a bit huge on him. I’m debating whether or not to take it in or not. One the one hand, he’ll be able to wear it for several years the way it is. On the other hand.. it’s huge.


But he still looks pretty darn handsome either way 😉



Holy smokes is KCW already almost half way done? I’d better get cracking.

Do you sew your kids clothes big enough to grow into or do you prefer to have a good fit right away?

KCW – Heart appliqué red wool dress


Kid’s Clothes Week is in full swing and to kick it off I made a much needed warm winter dress for my daughter. The pattern I used was the Oliver + s school bus t-shirt size 4 which I modified to have a gathered skirt and a neckline finished with facing rather than a neckband.


For the fabric I used some bright red wool interlock from here, and on the elbows I stitched on some dark gray cotton knit hearts, perfect for Valentines Day!


To create the skirt first I trimmed the shirt front and back to the desired bodice length plus bottom seam allowance (I used a 1/4″ seam allowance). This seam should be where you want the skirt and bodice to join each other to create the waist of the dress. Next measure from this waist seam down to where you want the skirt to end plus seam allowances on both the top of skirt and bottom for the hem (I used 1/4″ for the top seam and made my hem 1″. Total length for my daughter was 16″). Lastly, I took my daughter’s waist measurement and multiplied by 3 (for my daughter 21″ x3 = 63″.) This was to be the total circumference of the skirt. I cut out my skirt in two pieces which were 31.75″ wide x 16″ long. (31.75″ + 31.75″ = 63″ skirt circumference including 1/4″ seam allowances). Sew your two sides together, gather the top, and pin to the bodice right sides together evenly distributing the gathers. Sew this seam together with a 1/4″ seam, hem up the bottom as stated in the pattern, and voila, a dress!


I love the brilliant red of this dress.


And who doesn’t love heart elbow patches?


Now for some action shots!



What a great start to KCW! Anyone else sewing like mad this week?

Storybook pjs


For Kids Clothes Week this season the theme is Storybook, and let’s face it, the theme is awesome! So why in the world am I only just now getting around to sewing something four days in? Well, I guess I’ve been enjoying a little bit of a break and it’s been pretty wonderful I must say 🙂


I really didn’t want this week to go by completely without doing at least one storybook project, so I decided to sew my boy some much needed pjs. As luck would have it I had some gnome and fox fabric in my stash which perfectly fit this book that my kids love, “The Tomten and the Fox.”


I sewed them using the Alex & Anna winter PJs pattern by Peek-a-boo pattern shop in size 2. I’ve been hoarding that gnome fabric forever not quite sure what to do with it. I’m so glad I finally used it! It makes such cute jammies!


Looking cute in his fox pjs!


The fox fabric is an organic knit from spoonflower. When I had ordered this fabric the scale ended up being much larger than I thought, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and it sat in my stash for a bit. Pjs to the rescue!


I’m so glad I didn’t flake out of KCW all-together! Heck, maybe I’ll even try to squeeze in a second project before the week is out 😉

How’s your Kid’s Clothes Week sewing going? Anyone else barely have anything to show for the week or are you cranking out one thing after another?

Summer KCW – day 7


KCW always ends up being one crazy productive week over here and this time was no exception! Both kids got a complete outfit out of me, and whew I’m beat! To finish up my daughter’s ensemble I whipped up these lovely puppet show shorts by Oliver + s.


These are sewn in size 4 width 5 length with no other modifications to the pattern. They sewed up quite fast and were a great last project to finish KCW up with. I wanted these to be as versatile as possible so I made them out of a simple yet lovely Kaufman union chambray in indigo.


Oliver + s patterns usually include such lovely little hints, like adding some ribbon or fabric tape to mark the back of the garment, as pictured above. My daughter likes to dress herself now and this makes it much easier for her to not get her clothes on backwards!


Belly button! Oh and cute shorts too 😉


The finished outfit!



These will be a wardrobe staple for sure!

KCW success! I think I’ll celebrate by lying down now 😉

How was your KCW sewing week? Did you get everything done you wanted to or did the kids have other plans for your time?



Summer KCW – day 6


With KCW quickly coming to an end I needed some quick projects for my girl, and decided on this halter top. Thankfully it was a breeze to put together!


The pattern I used was Oliver + s ruffled halter, which is a free pattern offered on their website, sewn in a gorgeous indigo blue handwoven Balinese ikat, with Kaufman union chambray as the lining and lemon yellow shot cotton for the tie. This ikat is seriously drool-worthy! So lightweight, so airy, so brilliant in color. ❤


I made a few modifications to the sewing pattern. First, I made it between sizes so that it was a 4/5. Next, I didn’t include any of the ruffles but only used the front, back, and tie pattern pieces. Since the top ruffle is used to finish the neck and arm edges plus used to create the casing I decided to make a lining to serve these purposes instead.


You can see the lining here. I basically traced the front piece and chopped it off where I wanted the lining to end and finished the bottom edge neatly. Then I sewed it together using the same instructions as for the top ruffle, but making sure to stitch the top front and lining right sides together. Lastly, I hand-stitched the bottom hem for a more formal invisible finish.


Love that ikat! Love that kid!


The back of this halter is my favorite part. Very adorable!


Action shot!


There will be lots of wearing this top for the rest of the summer! Now I just need to sew up the shorts to go with it before KCW runs out on me 😉

Are you done sewing for KCW or will you be burning the midnight oil to squeeze out one last project?