Even more PJs


I’m finally back from babyland! Well mostly, in a sleep deprived kind of way. Anyways, these PJs were sewn quite a few weeks back and I never got around to blogging them. So here they are!


Since I am always sewing this kid PJs I opted to made them pretty huge in size 3T with the hopes they will fit for a while. The pattern is “Alex & Anna winter PJs” by Peek-a-boo pattern shop. I modified the pattern by cropping the sleeves and pant legs to make them summer friendly, but there is a summer version of this pattern available if you don’t wish to modify it yourself.


The fabrics are a random assortment from my stash, including Kaufman laguna knit solids and Lillestoff vikings.

Hopefully these will last him for next summer too! Did I mention I’m sick of sewing PJs? 😉

Valentine’s nightgown


Valentine’s Day was going to slip by this year without sewing a project for it, but then I remembered there were two yards of this lovely valentine cotton flannel fabric sitting in my stash and were asking to be used up. My daughter had been particularly hankering for a new nightgown as her one and only (which I had sewn for her two years ago) was now almost above her knees! Plus it occurred to me that it would be fun to make a matching outfit for her doll. And so it came to be that Valentine’s Day did NOT get to sneak by without a project in its honor 😉


The sewing pattern is a modified Ruffled Empire Peasant top/dress from the “Little girls, big style” sewing book by Mary Abreu. The doll pjs pattern was self drafted in the same style for a 13″ doll. Both were sewn from this really lovely flannel fabric from Joann’s which looks like it’s been covered in cross-stitch embroidery. When I first saw it I was reminded strongly of Anna Maria Horner and decided to pick up a few yards.


Lily and Pearl in their matching nightgowns! My daughter was simply thrilled to have her first matching outfit with her doll.




The colors look great on Pearl too!


I did try for some outdoor shots since the light was fantastic, but it was 25 degrees out. COLD!!!


I told her to smile and we could go inside. This is what I got. Oh well… 😉

Do you like to sew projects to commemorate the different holidays?

Winter pjs


It seems like I spent half my sewing time making pjs for these kids. With the extreme temperature difference of summer vs winter, not to mention them growing like weeds, they need new pjs all the time! Plus with my resolution to not buy clothing for the kids anymore (haven’t bought them clothes since last spring!) that means many of my sewing projects for them are practical things. And so, here we have some winter pjs.


The sewing pattern was the “Classic footed pajamas” by Peek-a-boo pattern shop. I sewed these in size 4 for my girl and size 2 for my boy from some cotton flannel I picked up from Joann’s.


For the non-slip foot bottoms I used up some slipper weight suede I had leftover from these house shoes I had made myself a while back. I love using “real” materials where I can.


Joann’s has a killer selection of flannel fabrics right now. I’ve been enjoying in increase in quality and selection from them for a while. I still remember the dark ages of Joann’s where you would count yourself lucky to find anything cute!


I also made my son this ridiculous looking thing called a lounge sack. It’s basically a sleep sack with feet holes 😉 I have the dilemma where my son refuses to keep blankets on at night, but also hates sleep sacks with the fire of 1000 burning suns. I thought maybe having his feet free would take care of the problem but no; he hates this too.


It’s a great idea though and if you’ve got a little one in a similar situation you may want to give one a whirl. The sewing pattern I used is McCall’s M6427 sewn out of fleece from Joann’s. I’m so glad I used an inexpensive fabric to try this out on him; I almost used some gorgeous 100% merino washable wool. You can guess how happy I am I didn’t!


Here’s the kids in their footed pjs! They both love them 🙂


Say “Gouda!”

What things have you sewn that your kids refuse to wear?

Storybook pjs


For Kids Clothes Week this season the theme is Storybook, and let’s face it, the theme is awesome! So why in the world am I only just now getting around to sewing something four days in? Well, I guess I’ve been enjoying a little bit of a break and it’s been pretty wonderful I must say 🙂


I really didn’t want this week to go by completely without doing at least one storybook project, so I decided to sew my boy some much needed pjs. As luck would have it I had some gnome and fox fabric in my stash which perfectly fit this book that my kids love, “The Tomten and the Fox.”


I sewed them using the Alex & Anna winter PJs pattern by Peek-a-boo pattern shop in size 2. I’ve been hoarding that gnome fabric forever not quite sure what to do with it. I’m so glad I finally used it! It makes such cute jammies!


Looking cute in his fox pjs!


The fox fabric is an organic knit from spoonflower. When I had ordered this fabric the scale ended up being much larger than I thought, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and it sat in my stash for a bit. Pjs to the rescue!


I’m so glad I didn’t flake out of KCW all-together! Heck, maybe I’ll even try to squeeze in a second project before the week is out 😉

How’s your Kid’s Clothes Week sewing going? Anyone else barely have anything to show for the week or are you cranking out one thing after another?

Summer pjs


The kids are growing and the weather is getting warmer; time for new pajamas!


The pattern I used is Alex & Anna Winter PJs from Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop. I modified them by making them short sleeved and made two out of the four bottoms into shorts. Peek-a-Boo patterns does offer summer pjs in this style however if you don’t feel like modifying the winter version.


I’m very happy with the pattern and the finished product. These pjs look like I bought them from the store! Check out that neck finishing! I’m still only a novice..maybe intermediate knits sewer, and I pulled this off. Anyone with a twin needle on their sewing machine can make some great looking pajamas using this pattern too!


For my daughter I sewed her pair in size 4. She picked out the fabric she wanted from a huge tub of knits I still have from my closed cloth diaper sewing shop. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of this print so the back is done from the pink fabric I used for the binding. I think it still works and my daughter loves them 😉


For my boy I sewed his pj’s in size 18 months and they fit him wonderfully! I also used stash fabric and got to use up a few of my favorite prints. NASA? Yes.


This print is by David & Goliath. They have some very witty and downright awesome fabrics that are great for sewing kids clothes from. I love this “Far Out” print and it’s probably my favorite of the bunch!


If you’re looking for organic knits, check out Lillestoff. They are a maker of very high quality imported fabrics who just keep cranking out the cutest prints. “Night Fox” is one of my favorites.


Some “Ring around the rosies” pj action 🙂


And of course a pj dance party!