Christmas gifts 

I was pretty busy sewing Christmas gifts these past few months. Now I can finally share what I made!


My older boy got a new flannel button up. The pattern is the Sketchbook shirt by Oliver + S in size 4 sewn out of Kaufman mammoth flannel in color plaid gold. It’s so thick and warm it’s practically a jacket! Perfect for the single digit temperatures we get this time of year.

For my husband’s and my parents I made a set of four mitered-corner watercolor linen dishtowels. Both the free tutorial and the fabric are available at Purl Soho. I’ll be making more of these soon, but for myself!


For my younger boy, I finally finished his embroidered baby blanket! It took ages. Seriously. He’s not exactly a baby anymore but at least it’s done now!


The front is linen which is embroidered with an adorable little fox and owl scene. Part of the embroidery is a pattern purchased from MyBearPaw but I did expand upon it a little. For the backing I used a sumptuous thick organic bamboo velour. So cozy!


Last but not least, my daughter requested this fancy dress up dress as her Christmas gift. I was happy to comply!


It’s a colonial era gown sewn from Simplicity 3725. I used shimmer fuchsia taffeta, gold satin, and gold floral lace plus a few beautiful handmade buttons off of Etsy. She’s thrilled with it! I’m pretty pleased with it myself 😉

Merry Christmas!

Albion men’s wool coat


Welcome to my first men’s sewing project; a wool coat for my husband. He asked for a coat several months back and I thought it would be a great birthday/Christmas gift, although it ended up being late for both! But it’s done now and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out as I’ve never sewn clothing this BIG before.


I used the Albion pattern by Colette Patterns in view 1, the “classic duffle style coat”. I sewed it in size M width L length from gorgeous heavyweight melton wool I bought from here.


For the lining I found this awesome medium weight Japanese fabric by Cosmo Textiles called Vintage London Map in color tea. The weight of the two fabrics together makes this one beefy coat!


There’s lots of little details included in the coat pattern, like this button up neck closure…


…and decorative tabs on the sleeves.


I did modify the pattern slightly by leaving the top flap off of the front patch pockets. It makes the front much more sleek and simple which is a look both my husband and I prefer.


The coat pattern calls for toggle buttons, which are thankfully surprisingly easy to sew on. Plus they lend a finished and professional look to the coat.


As a finishing touch I sewed in a hand-stitched label which contains a bit of an inside joke 😉


I love how this coat looks on! It’s definitely getting used in all this crazy cold and snow we’ve got going on here in Montana. An all around a success!

Ever sew for your spouse or do you prefer to keep the projects little? I certainly can’t wait to get back to tiny clothes sewing again 😉

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

I know, I know. It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? It’s amazing how a tiny embryo can sap your will to live plus any and all desire to sew. Well now that I’m in the second trimester (yup that was a pregnancy announcement if you didn’t catch it!) my urge to puke has finally gone and the sewing bug has come back in full force, and thankfully it was just in time for my Christmas sewing! So without further ado, here’s what I made my family for Christmas.


For starters I made a zillion aprons. Ok, it was only four but if felt like a zillion 😉 For the pattern I followed this tutorial from Purlbee.


All of them were made from medium weight 100% linen fabric from Joann’s and the pockets made from scrap fabric from my stash.


I just knew all those little-but-too-big-to-throw-away pieces would come in handy! The aprons went to my parents and in-laws.


For my sister’s boys I made them Star Wars pj bottoms since she told me they are very into all things Star Wars right now. The fabric was from Joann’s and the pattern was a free one from Overall quite simple and very cheap to make (and my sis tells me they were a hit!)


For my sister’s teenage girl I made her a teenage mutant ninja turtle cross-body purse. The TMNT fabric and the ribbons were from Joann’s, and the denim from my stash. The pattern is a free tutorial here.


I had a special request for this cloak from my sister’s younger daughter. She had seen this one I made for my daughter on her birthday and requested one in purple for Christmas. And so here it is!


The pattern is the Red Riding Hood cloak from Oliver + S book of Little Things to Sew. I used a stretch purple crushed velvet and shimmery berry lining fabric both from Joann’s. To make it extra special I added some beautiful gold trim to the hood, also from Joann’s. I’d have to say I love this cloak for dress up! It always turns out so stunning.


For my two young nieces on my husband’s side I made some hand-kites using wooden teething rings from etsy and different colored satin ribbons which I simply knotted on. I also personalized them by writing each girl’s name on it. I love this gift so much for young kids! Beautiful, fun, cheap, and easy!


My daughter had requested a dress-up dress for Christmas. A PINK dress-up dress. She doesn’t know about Frozen yet but I thought this free tutorial from Peek-a-boo patterns was just perfect anyhow! And so I ransacked Joann’s and Hobby Lobby for all the shimmery pink fabrics I could find and put together this little number. What I ended up using was a shimmery white spandex for the yoke/sleeves, a glittery light pink stretch velvet for the bodice, pink poly satin for the underskirt, pink iridescent tissue lamé for the over skirt, and shimmery white organza for the cape.


Not only is it bursting with glittery pink spectaular-ness but it’s also stretchy and very comfortable which is perfect for play clothes! This is hand’s down her most favorite thing I’ve sewn her to date!


Lastly I made my son a backpack. I’ve made quite a few of these over the years (five others actually!) and they’ve always been a huge hit.


The pattern is a Made by Rae pattern which you can find here. For the fabric I used a Japanese “hungry wolf” light-weight canvas from this shop on Etsy.


I love this fabric so stinking much! The colors! The wolves licking their chops! Just perfection. For the contrast fabric I used some teal cotton twill from Joann’s.


I lined the inside with a bright red cotton to match the wolves tongues. Not creepy at all right? Right.

Well there you have it! I wanted to get so much more done for Christmas, like outfits for the kids, but I’m just glad I was able to get all the gifts completed. Did you sew gifts for Christmas or do you prefer to take a break for the holidays?

Some selfish sewing


I don’t often sew for myself but of course the urge should hit during KCW, exactly when I should be sewing for my kids not myself! Oh well, I’ll just roll with it and hope to get something completed for them before the week is out 😉


Remember that sweatshirt I sewed for my daughter during PR&P signature style week? Well, I loved it so much I made one for myself too!


The pattern is from a modified Oliver + s metro t-shirt sewn in the gorgeous Liberty of London sweatshirt cotton fleece. I made the body and sleeves wider and added cream ribbing to the bottom cuffs and waist.


Have I mentioned how seriously dreamy this fleece is? This sweatshirt pretty much my favorite item of clothing ever!


Since I was in the swing for sewing for myself, I also made another modified Metro t-shirt from this pretty Joann’s floral jersey. For the modifications I scooped out the neck some and finished the bottom sleeve edges differently, like you would if you were sewing a ribbing cuff.


The scooped out neck! I had to lengthen the neck binding piece quite a bit to make up for making the neck opening larger. I also nipped in the waist a bit for a sleeker silhouette.


Shirt back.


And while I’m blogging about things I’ve sewn for myself, here’s a pair of shorts I made a few months ago that somehow fell between the blogging cracks.


The pattern is the City gym shorts from purlbee. They offer both children’s and women’s sizes and the best part is that they’re free!


For my shorts I used my very favorite Liberty from my stash plus some Kaufman linen blend chambray also from my stash and Kaufman interweave chambray as the bias binding. I love these shorts and pretty much lived in them this past summer!

I’m not sure why I find it so hard to do a post on things I’ve sewn for myself. Goodness knows I put if off long enough! Anyone else have that problem?

On to KCW!

A picnic roll-up blanket


Have you ever had one of those projects that sits on your “to-sew” list for ages? Well this is one of mine, and I finally FINALLY made it. It only took two years of waiting on the list 😉 Meet the picnic roll-up blanket.


For this project I followed this lovely tutorial over at Purlbee. The fabric I used for the blanket top was Kaufman essex linen blend in colors sunshine, medium aqua, light blue, and hot pink. The essex linen is definitely a heavier, scratchier fabric which suited this project perfectly, but I’d proceed with caution if using it for kid’s clothing. It could make some great bottoms or jacket but if you’ve got a little one who won’t do anything scratchy then you may want to find a different fabric for the job. For the bottom of the blanket I used a 10 oz heavy weight canvas in color natural. If you want your blanket to be waterproof you could substitute the canvas for something laminated, or maybe even add a waterproof layer between the layers.. otherwise you may end up with a wet bottom!


The really cool part about this blanket is that it rolls up all nice and neat ready to be stowed in a beach bag or picnic basket. For my ties I used some 1.5″ natural colored cotton webbing and nickel D rings. I just love how it looks all bundled up and ready to go out for a picnic!


If you’re tired of sitting on a sheet or towels try out the picnic-roll tutorial over at purlbee! It’s a very quick sew and looks so fabulous when you’re done.

What’s the longest a project has sat on your “to-sew” list before you finally completed it? Can you top my two years? 😉


A Washi dress


I don’t do much sewing for myself. In fact I think I’ve made a total of 3 practical things for myself in the last 20 years! I’m so glad I decided to change that. This is the original Washi dress sewing pattern by Made by Rae which I sewed in Nani Iro Little Dot brushed cotton. I LOVE this dress. I think I’ve worn it just about every day since I’ve made it.


I’ve seen this dress done in this fabric before and I think it suits it perfectly, so I didn’t mess with perfection.


Sorry for the chopped off face. My eyes were closed and I am too lazy to take another! I did make a few modifications to the pattern. First, I scooped out the neckline a bit to make it slightly deeper and wider.


Next, I lengthened the bodice front as well as extended the back waist by two inches, and added several more rows of shirring on the back so that the bottom line of shirring matched my new waist seam.


And last I cut the skirt out in a size larger and added several more pleats into the skirt, including one in the center front, and changed the direction of some of the pleats so that they all went in the same direction.


I love this dress pattern and can’t wait to try out the expansion!



Kimono Shoes

Well I’ve done it! For the first time in 20+ years I sewed something practical for myself. Yup, 20 years. The last time I was about 8 and I hated it so much I swore never again. But this week is selfish sewing week so I’m breaking the curse with these much needed house shoes.


The sewing pattern is ThinkSew Kimono Shoes. This pattern was easy to follow, quick to sew, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needed some house shoes. However I did find this pattern to run wide, either that or I’ve got some skinny feet, so I took them in quite a bit on the sides.

For the fabric I used Kaffe Fasset Narrow Stripe in dusk for the outer and Kaffe shot cotton in pool for the lining. My husband said they look like TOMS. That makes me happy 🙂


For the bottoms I opted to use something more sturdy then cotton so I bought some 5oz suede off of Ebay. I was a little worried to be sewing this on my machine, but all I needed was my leather needle and it sewed up just fine. Now I can walk around the kitchen in these bad boys and not worry about stepping in little spots of water that inevitably get on the floor.


The inside soles are removable and I thought it would be nice to add some padding into them, so I put two layers of quilting batting into each. The batting keeps my feet much warmer plus it’s nice and soft to walk on.


Action shot! Please don’t mind my oddly sunburned legs 😉

A union dot family affair


I had said I would and here they finally are; union dot for everyone! I cannot state how much in love with this fabric I am! LOVE! This is Union dot chambray by Robert Kaufman. It’s lightweight, soft, and perfect for summery clothes.


In a previous post I shared this skirt I had made for my daughter. Once it was complete I knew there had to be more! So I went ahead and made one for myself and for my daughter’s doll Pearl as well.


Doesn’t Pearl look trés chic? Yes, it kind of clashes with her top. Poor Pearl doesn’t get much clothes-wise from me. Maybe another shirt will be in order..someday.


For my skirt I followed the Lazy Days skirt pattern from Oliver + S but with the modification of including a lining. No see-through skirts for me!


For my boy I made a bow-tie using the Prudent Baby bow-tie tutorial. This one is her “double fold bow-tie” which I really love. I’ve made both her simple and double bow-ties and if you’ve got the fabric to spare I’d say do the double! They keep their shape better when worn and have a fuller look.


I love bow-ties!


Mmm cake. I know how you feel, my boy.