A wool & silk dress for late winter


Winter is coming to an end (enter angelic choir), and with the close of the season I’ve been thinking a bit about what I sew and why. I’ve come to realize that I want to sew more of what my children truly need and will wear, and less of things simply to fulfill a sew-along or competition. Of course if I can get the two purposes to align so much the better, because I really love participating in everything! But with my new purpose in mind my sewing projects from here on out will fit the following requirements; be needed or fulfill a specific purpose, my kids will wear it, and of course be beautifully constructed. And so, here is my latest sewing project; a warm Sunday dress for the cold days of late winter.


My daughter has about 10,000 warm weather dresses and only one cold weather dress! So this dress was much needed. For the sewing patterns I mashed up three patterns from Oliver + s; the Hide-and-seek dress body, the Apple picking dress sleeves, and the Pinwheel tunic’s keyhole back. I sewed it in size 5 for a roomy fit so it will be wearable for next year as well. The fabrics were a selection of two different shades of solid gray wool plus an italian wool herringbone suiting from here, with lilac silk dupioni trim on the sleeves and back tie. The overall look was inspired by a dress of unknown origin on Pinterest.


Here’s a close up of the color blocked bodice and skirt. I scooped out the hide-and-seek dress neckline a bit and ommited the notch.


Detail shot of the long sleeved Apple-picking dress sleeves option with silk trim and bows.


Pinwheel tunic keyhole back with silk bow tie closure.


A few modeling shots!


Trying out her pockets.




It’s warm enough for some outdoor shots! Huzzah!



I think this will be our new go-to Sunday dress until it warms up a bit 😉

Do you only sew what your kids need or do you find yourself sewing things YOU want to sew and the kids either don’t need it or won’t wear it?