Ruffled picnic shorts


I’ve been ogling over these Jcrew kids shorts for for some time now, not to mention seeing several very cute knock-offs showing up in the Oliver + s flickr stream.  With both Knock-it-off and Shorts on the Line in full swing I had double the reason to sew these! And so I finally took the plunge and followed this popular tutorial to transform the class picnic shorts pattern into these ruffled Jcrew knock-offs.


For my version I sewed them from the Oliver + s class picnic shorts pattern in size 4 width 5 length from Robert Kaufman hampton twill in color calypso with Liberty of London for the waist and pocket linings.


I added the pockets in myself to make them more like the inspiration shorts. But I made a mistake and added them to the wrong spot! The pockets on the inspiration shorts are on the outsides of the ruffle, but mine ended up inside. Oops! That’s what I get for not thinking out my pattern modifications. Oh well, they’re still cute 😉


Detail shot. Love these ruffles. I think I’ll try these shorts again next summer and hopefully figure out those pockets!


Liberty waistband <3. I finished the inside visible waist seam with charcoal 1/4″ bias tape. I much prefer this over simply serging the edge as it provides such a lovely and professional finish.


In an effort to remember what size garment was made, I’ve added size tags. Why didn’t I do this sooner!?


Shorts in action.


Adorable from both sides 😉

I feel like summer sewing is coming quickly to an end. Are you still squeezing in some summer sewing or have you switched to fall yet?


Summer kcw – day 4&5


It took some doing, but my boy’s outfit is done! This is the final piece, a pair of twill shorts with roll-up racing stripes.


For the pattern I used Oliver + s art museum trousers which I shortened to capri length, and sewed in Robert Kaufman hampton twill calypso with the contrast pockets and waistband lining in Kaufman newcastle denim. This twill is perfect for bottoms; sturdy, soft, and comes in a bunch of great colors.


When unrolled these are an unassuming capri pant, but once you roll them up…


…these awesome racing stripes appear!


This is a look at the insides. To make the racing stripes I finished the outer side-leg seams with bias tape and I flat felled the inseam for a neat finish when the legs are rolled up into shorts.


For the button I used a blue-jeans button which snaps on. Simple!


Denim welt pockets. ❤


Finally the completed ensemble! I love how each piece works by itself, or can combine to one epic outfit.




KCW has been a success so far for my boy! Now to try to eek out an outfit for my girl before the week is out 😉

How’s your KCW sewing going?