Organic cotton and wool comforter


Last year I began working on bedding for my daughter, making her an organic mattress, an upcycled wool mattress protector, and sheets. The next thing on my list was a new comforter as her last one was crib sized and entirely too small for her new twin-sized mattress (not to mention it almost didn’t cover her feet anymore!) And so I made her an organic cotton and wool comforter.


For the 68×86 shell I used 5 1/2 yards of 100% organic cotton sateen in a creamy white which I bought from here. It was listed at a fantastic price as it was a last in stock piece and is a great way to save some money if you are looking to do the same.


The  wool batting I bought from here in the thick twin comforter size option which came to three pounds of wool. After assembling the comforter I hand-stitched the layers together to prevent the wool from shifting (pictured above) with several running stitches using pearl cotton embroidery floss.


And voila! A finished organic, fluffy soft, heavenly cloud of a comforter!


Don’t poke your sister.

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